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Being developed by the UPSIDC, it is divided into residential and industrial sectors There are about 12 residential sectors. Connectivity issues will be solved with the four-lanning of the Sonia Vihar Road, widening of the Delhi-Yamunotri Highway and after completion of the Signature Bridge Located barely 3 kms from Delhi border, 8 kms from Wazirabad, 12 kms from ISBT and just 22 kms from downtown Connaught place. The site offers easy accessibility to northern India’s biggest trade, commerce and industrial centres. The city is conveniently approachable from

Alipur-Bund Road along river Yamuna on the western side and Delhi-Saharanpur road on the east.

Tronica City Ghaziabad :

Integrated Industrial township of Tronica City was conceived in 1990’s to develop the industrially – backward area of Loni and to attract the hitherto untapped entrepreneurial skills of North – East side of Delhi. The area has come up very fast owing to its proximity with Delhi. Tronica is just 2 kms from Delhi Border, 8 kms from upcoming Signature bridge, 12 kms from ISBT Kashmiri Gate and 20 Kms from New Delhi Railway Station.

Special Features :

Tronica is presently spread on 2000 acres and has well planned sectors for Industrial plots, Individual and Group Housing plots, Institutional and Commercial plots. It has well developed central park and good green coverage. Further acquisitions are on and very soon another 1000 acres of land shall be under peaceful possession.

Connectivity :

Tronica is accessed from Delhi side through traffic- free Khajuri Pushta road which starts just next to Wazirabad Bridge. A new and prestigious Signature bridge shall make the transportation even more decongested. In Ghaziabad side the area is accessed through LoniBaghpat/ Saharanpur road.

Power :

At present the power supply in the region is very good. Near 20 hours power supply is being reported on an average.

Habitation :

Almost 750 units have come up in Tronica and many others are under various stages of completion. In the domestic sector approximately 300 houses have been constructed in the area. Many Builders have almost completed their modern multi- storeyed building units. The planned occupancy of the city is a visual treat.

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What is a Hub :

Mr. Rohit Gupta GM Rupa explains “A well facilitated manufacturing centre plays a vital catalytic role in the growth of manufacturing units. Adequate availability of productive resources like managed infrastructure setup, skilled man power, uninterrupted water and power supply, smooth connectivity & transport and well-connected telecommunication can help the sector to grow with appropriate pace.”

We interviewed a whole host of companies who have started their units in Tronica City and are operating here for the last few years. Mr. Amit Kathuria of A.P. Enterprise – Tipsy Lingerie  ventured in Tronica City in 2005 when nobody thought of Tronica City as a viable manufacturing base.

Why Tronica City :

When asked how they chanced upon Tronica City? “Those days were the days of sealing in Delhi and many manufacturing units were shutting down due to inappropriate manufacturing places. We wanted to shift from Roopnagar and we looked at Bhawana which offered 100 mts plot as compared to Tronica City which offered 450 mts plot.

The cost for Tronica city’s 450 mts plot was only marginally higher what we could get for 100 mts at Bhawana, so in the year 2000 we made a purchase of 450 mts plot there but subsequently we opened a unit at Shastri Nagar. A lot of people advised us against our decision to open the manufacturing unit in Tronica city, as it didn’t have a very good reputation then. But by 2004 we had decided to open another unit and we set up the factory in Tronica City in  2005 and shifted there.

Similarly Mr. Manoj Jain of Dreams Lingerie was among the early risers, he setup his unit in 2006 and now has made major expansion by adding two more units here.

“There were hardly any undergarments units in the first few years, many manufacturers came to our unit to see the working and take a call on Tronica City” said Mr Amit of AP Enterprise. A lot of Garment unit started springing up like Denim factories, Outerwear units, Yarn manufacturers, An Apparel Park within Tronica city was setup to make it as a Garmenting Hub. In 2007 another unit by the name Kalyani Innerwear was setup by Mr. Rajan Gulati who had the foresight and the vision to make Tronica as his Garmenting Hub. Today he is operating five units in Tronica which goes to show the propensity of this place to turn into a Hub.

Lingerie Units in Tronica :

When asked what makes Tronica city so attractive to Garment manufacturers; Mr Rahul Jain of RR Impex an OEM for most Undergarment brands sights the nearness with Delhi as a major attraction, the fact that all major suppliers of Yarn Dyeing/ Knitting / Processing / Stitching/ Finishing and other allied industries like packing and logistics are available in plenty there was the impetus for them to shift to Tronica City in 2012 from Wazirabad Indl. Area, not only they got a much bigger space here at very competitive price as compared to other Industrial hubs like Patparganj or Bhawana, Ritahla.

Even Rohit Gupta aired similar view on why Tronica City was the preferred destination of Lingerie Manufacturers  “Being a lingerie manufacturing company we find easy outsourcing possessions for fabrication and raw material supply at nearby trans-yamuna region. Another benefit in Tronica City is ample space availability in comparison of other industrial regions in NCT Delhi“

Similar sentiments were echoed by Mr Prabhat Aggarwal  of Lovinoiform, Mr. Mehul Jain of Maroon Creations who set up his unit in 2010. It was cheap labour, coupled with competitive real estate, prompted them to shift their unit here.

Hub for Lingerie Manufacturing :

Today Tronica City is well over to become the first Undergarment Hub of India, with over 50 units of manufacturing and allied industries in suppliers like elastics, raw material, fabrics, packaging who have set up here due to the close proximity of manufacturers. It is providing direct employment to over 10,000 people and to over 50,000 indirect employments from dyeing to packing and logistics.

Other Lingerie Units who have started in the last three years are Bodyline Lingerie, Alishan Lingerie, Beauty Plus Lingerie, Sagar Lingerie, Featherline, Coco berry, Docare, Lilly Lingerie, Parko Lingerie etc. There are over 750 manufacturing units employing over lakhs of labours and white collared labour in this Industrial Town.

Major Drawbacks :

Rajan Gulati                unnamed

What is the major drawback in Tronica City? Mr Amit Singh of Tipsy points out that the conditions of internal roads have become quite pathetic due to potholes, the public transport is just missing in Tronica City ad if someone wants to commute from Sonia Vihar to Tronica it is just impossible. Rajan Gulati further adds “There is no public transport available for labour coming from outside. Labourers who stay close by travel on their bicycles. This is a big time challenge”. Mr. Manoj Jain feels since Tronica City is handled by three depts. Viz : a part is governed by Delhi Govt., another part by UP dept and a part of it falls under the forest dept. So some conditions will remain the way they are because of bureaucratic tangles.  Mr Rohit Gupta adds that The Tele Communication set up is quite weak and needs upgrading. There is a water logging and drainage problem  in the area especially during the monsoon, besides there are problems for staff to find adequate accommodation, since there are no proper residential areas and hospitality institutions.

Mr. Amit also mentioned “ It is the problem of drifting labour from factories to factories. In the morning they are at my factory and I don’t know whether they will be at my factory the next morning, it is quite easy to lure them”. Each factory tries to train their labour in a special skill which are much sort after. We need a skill training institute by the Govt. which can induce the labour and give them some skill sets. So we will get steady set of semi trained Labour for our units.

There are some steps been taken in this direction but they aren’t enough a lot more needs to be done and quickly.

To some Public transport is a big issue. No auto rickshaws, buses etc. are available for common people. To others higher level of executives and staff are difficult to get due to the issue of conveyance. A person who has his own vehicle can operate within Tronica city.

Also there is this extra entry fee for about 4%-5% that has to be paid to get the raw material inside Tronica which is a bit of a bother too.

Hopefully if the centralized taxation policy (GST) comes in by July and it will be more conducive and investor friendly.

The Strength of Tronica City :

With the new Signature bridge getting ready hopefully by the end of 2017 will see a major peeve of the denizens of Tronica City getting resolved as this will improve the connectivity from Delhi to Tronica City and Signature City. The other factor that works in favour is the uninterrupted power supply which is 24 x 7, which even the local Ghaziabad doesn’t enjoy. Though most unit have their own Gensets but the power situation has very much improved since 2010.

With easy availability of cheap labour from Loni / Ghaizabad and adjoining areas though unskilled but with steps been taken by the local manufacturers, training institutes like ALT and others have to provide the operators the basic knowledge of operating a sewing machine.

There are still several plots still available at prices which are half or sometimes even 1/4th that of adjoining Delhi and other industrial parks around Delhi makes Tronica City a very attractive destination for manufacturing.

Since expansion can be carried out quite easily here in Tronica as compared to any place, many units come up here and then have multiple units here. Case in point being Tipsy, Kalyani, Dreams have set up multiple units.

What does Tronica City need to become the best garmenting hub in the coming years. When we spoke to Mr. C.K. Maurya the PO of Tronica City, we asked him about the conditions of the internal roads and why there is no public transport within Tronica City.

Government Intervention :

He mentioned that with the change in the present government, the new bridge has to come up by September and the internal roads, sewage, waste water management will be drastically improved in the next six months. Besides there are private operators who have been licenced to run buses throughout the Signature city. About 1000 acres are being acquired by Tronica UPSIDC for expansion of this industrial belt. Besides a 100 acre land has been acquired by GDA in 2012 to develop residential buildings as part of Koyal Enclave which will house 25,000 families in Loni. Other residential colonies coming up here in Loni are DLF AnkurVihar, Signature City, Rameshwar Park and Lal Bagh which will become a magnet for the white collar aspirants to seek jobs in the nearby Industrial Zone.

The Metro line too coming up from Dilshad Garden to Signature City. The elevated highway would link NH24  toWazirabad Road and NH58 close to Dasna are on in full swing. The three metro links that would connect Loni to most important destinations in Delhi NCR, would be joining Shiv Vihar to Yamuna Vihar, Indrapuram to Noida Sector 62 and New Bus Stand to Dilshad Garden

Since the entire area is quite green and forested the environment is fully taken care off. The policy of the UP government is to have non-polluting units to set up in Tronica city. With SAIL or the Steel Authority of India is one of the leading industries in Ghaziabad situated near Loni. It is one of the most important revenue earning industry in District Ghaziabad.

It has come a Long way :

It is without doubt that Tronica City has come a long way in the last fifteen years which has seen unbridled growth of Industrial expansion in Garmenting and virtually all types of Garments are being manufactured here. The facilities and infrastructure are just ripe for more explosive growth here, but there has to be a clearcut Govt. vision document and policies laid out on how this hub will progress in the next five to ten years. Maybe the Textile Ministry should step in and take this Industrial hub under its apparel park project and extend the facilities of TUF and other add a SEZ section for mainly exporters who wish to export their products worldwide.

A road show can be planned to attract investors, more Garmenting Exporters through the aegis of Export Promotion Council of India and other countries. The Govt. should plan to give tax concessions which are accorded to Export Oriented Units so they can take advantage of such policies and set up their units here.

Tronica City is a perfect example of Public- Private Partnership where private entrepreneurship is soaring on the back of Govt, initiatives and is now at a take off stage for achieving even greater heights.

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