Trusst Lingerie is gaining national attention for its patented bra technology

September 26, 2018 written by
national attention gained bhy trusst lingerie

Trusst Lingerie headquartered in Garfield has recently been spotlighted  for its patented technology. It uses a plastic mould that wraps around and lifts breasts like a bridge, without the discomfort of an underwire.


Trusst Lingerie worked with hundreds of women to develop their patented technology. Using 3D printing techniques, physics and advanced materials, they created the Breast Advanced Support Technology (BAST™), based on the engineering principles of a bridge truss. The bras use the core of your body to lift your breast weight from underneath the bust, reducing strain on the shoulders and back.


Without a rigid underwire, the bras eliminate the discomfort caused by wires poking out of the bra and digging into the skin. Each Trusst bra is also lined with a high-tech GARMATEX Kottinu™ anti-microbial, wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable—key to minimising rashes and chafing. This engineered fabric has the feel of cotton but lasts up to six times longer.


The result is a structure that covers sizes 34 F through 38 J and relieves pressure from the shoulders and back. Its moisture-wicking fabrics also reduce chafing and sweating.


They  created an elegant bra line that is underwire free and actually comfortable, empowering you without causing pain or frustration as you go about your busy day.


Trusst recently launched on its website,, a new collection called Naomi featuring nude-coloured bras with more side support. The brand also sells underwear that complements its bra styles.

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