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Tuna London is stepping up it’s game and  just launched a new line of athleisure wear for women focusing on fitness and sporty casual pieces.

The idea that Indians want to be comfortable no matter what they do certainly, you know, has permeated the culture. The range will capture function and fashion in various technical fabrics in the brand’s signature contemporary aesthetic.

The collection offers a wide array of Stylish Tees, Slim Fit and Regular Fit Trackpants, Capris, Yoga Pants, Joggers and Workout Leggings with power nets and various prints and styles. Each piece is crafted in cotton lycra fabric keeping the Indian weather in mind. They have also introduced a new pattern which is a Bra T-shirt that is a T shirt with an in built bra for maximum impact and comfort. A new collection of Sports Tights crafted  in poly cotton lycra fabric is also available. Cover ups and jackets for post work out functionality and easy to wear sports bras will also be available.  The quality and designing of these products is kept in par with international brands.

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The bottoms are available in dark solid colors such as black navy and grey and tees come in colours that match the bottoms.

The brand’s athleisure line is aimed at Indian women of all ages shapes and sizes who wish to  feel stylish and comfortable  as Tuna London has catered to sizes from Extra Small to Triple XL.

The collection is priced at the range of Rs. 485,trackpants at Rs. 900 upto Rs.1200.

We spoke to Tuna London Activewear founders  Ajit Virwani  and Aarti Virwani to understand what the venture aims to achieve

What made Tuna London foray into the women’s segment and launch athleisure wear?

Ajit Virwani: “As Tuna entered the market in 2015 and was appreciated for its quality and eye for aesthetics, we noticed a demand in the activewear segment for stylish affordable atheleisure. Being equipped in design and quality control we decided to enter this segment.”

What are some of the challenges of designing for the athleisure wear market?

AV: “The finishing designing and quality of our products is at par with international brands…we need people to try and use it see the results.”

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When you buy prints, what formats do you find most helpful for your creative process?
AV: “Mostly motivational prints work that people like to wear for workouts. Besides that any print or design that goes well with our design aesthetic works well.”

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Do you ever envision the type of print that might live on a garment or do you think of it in terms of function first?

AV: “It is always function first the print is then placed keeping all the elements in mind.”

What do you think are currently some of the most marketable patterns and colors in athleisure wear?

Aarti Virwani:  “People always look for comfort primarily that is why our joggers, yoga pants, trackpants and workout leggings have done exceedingly well… it is a combination of good fabric and fit. All the patterns that can be worn comfortably for workouts as well as athleisure that have a dual purpose perform best. The colours are chosen keeping easy wearability, season and design in mind. ”

How does your price point compare in the market?

Ajit Virwani: “We don’t want to be fixed in a bracket but have something for every Indian women who wants to explore fitness from low to premium.”

There are so many active wear  and athleisure wear  lines out there now, how is your brand able to differentiate itself from active wear competitors?

Aarti Virwani:  “There is place for all the competitors in our market it is upto to us to always deliver best quality well priced athleisure to our customers so they see that we actually want to reach out to all to facilitate their journey in fitness.”

What is the scope of athleisure wear in future?

Aarti Virwani:  “There is great future as everyone is now realizing the importance of fitness in our everyday lives and that is what athleisure stands for!”

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