Wacoal’s lacy boxers are all the rage with consumers

July 28, 2022 written by



It’s all about gender neutrality in this day and age and the Japanese lingerie brand took it a step ahead by introducing lace boxers for men recently. Since the time they were launched at the end of 2021, the boxers have been selling like hot cakes.

Akira Mizoguchi, Wacoal’s Product Manager said that the idea of lace being a women’s prerogative was outdated and lace for men’s boxers was a welcome idea as the brand creates lace lingerie daily.


The innovative garment is crafted out of transparent floral lace and geometric shapes that covers the entire surface barring the front. Men’s underwear traditionally comes in very few solid colours and only different coloured waistbands while women’s underwear comes in a range of colours. But not these new lacy boxers…they come in red, black, blue, pink, yellow, light blues, brown, and in medium and large sizes.

The lace is stronger than the one used in women’s underwear and a strong thread is used with high stretch qualities as there’s more stress at the front. A great mix of beauty, quality and comnfort, we say.

No wonder, many buy these boxers in bulk as they find the garment glamorous and sexy.

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