What makes a brand ICONIC?

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what makes a brand iconic

A lot of us would want an answer to such a pertinent question and something that would be a case study for many in business schools even.

In INTIMATES we have identified these gems who have enjoyed the support of the trade and rode on consumer success for many decades and created history even. What makes the brands ICONIC?

Well, the answers lies in the pages ahead…!

Like they say, ‘Rome was not built in day’, so also, legends are not made in a day…for it takes years, hard work and perseverance to reach your goal and attain your dream. Starting off with only a belief and conviction in their ideas, these brands have come a long way from being just brands that offered basic innerwear that met consumers needs to being names to be reckoned with in the intimate wear space.

Over time, these brands have diversified into lounge wear, sleep wear, and the popular category of athleisure as well. However, they’ve reinvented the basic innerwear through time and have kept with the changing trends and demands in this sector too, giving them the iconic status they enjoy in intimate wear today. From being small players to being almost legend in the industry, these brands are first to be recalled by even the commonest of people.

We took a simple methodology to identify these brands. We asked from the horses mouth itself, the retailers. We asked about 1000 retailers from 20 cities across India from all the zones to give there preferences of top five brands.That way we gave points to each brand and the top 20 brands that emerged from this have been put out here. That is not in anyway to derecognise the work done by other brands or to belittle them. We acknowledge the work of each and every brand in making this market of India a SUPER’B’ MARKET. Take a look at these labels who’ve made a difference to the way consumer shop for their basics.

Gokaldas Intimatewear Pvt. Ltd.

The Numero Uno Of Intimates In India

Enamor logo4

Gokaldas Intimatewear Private Limited was created as a joint venture between Gokaldas Images Private Limited and Barbara of Paris, France in 2001. GIPL launched the brand ENAMOR in 2003, to present a range of lingerie exclusively made for the Indian woman. Today, Enamor has expanded its distribution to over 5000 MBOs, 350 counters across chain stores in Shoppers’ Stop, Westside, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Reliance Trends, Central and 14 of its own exclusive EBOs, and plans to take that to 27 by the end of the year  with a network of more than 50 distributors.

Enamor today can be ranked as the numero uno lingerie brand in India as far as single brand entity in this country. Their journey through the fifteen years has been quite tumultuous one. Today they stand at a pinnacle of their growth and they are ever expanding into new spheres of branding not resting on their past laurels.


The design process starts with analyzing international trends, understanding need gaps of consumers and delivering the best fitting product for different body shapes. Enamor is the only company in India that offers multi-size fits and wearer trials to ensure that every style meets the Indian body requirements.

“Enamor celebrates the fabulous woman and their new retail identity aims to brings this thought alive. Their stores are a visual delight that offers an international lingerie shopping experience, showcasing the widest range of lingerie in the country.


Enamor understands the power of transformation the right lingerie can bring about in a woman’s life. It also understands that the idea of ‘the right lingerie’ varies from woman to woman. What makes Enamor stand out is the inclusive world it has built over the years by broaching serious and hitherto hush-hush topics and giving them its trademark fabulous spin.

Every woman varies in shape, size and preference, Enamor builds on the belief that all women are fabulous and provides a collection that allows a woman to express her personal sense of style.

In tune with its new philosophy, the brand has built its offerings around delighting the woman.  Where the previous campaign, Fabulous as I am introduced lingerie as a fashion accessory, the “We are all fabulous,” campaign embraces all women

“We understand that every woman has specific lingerie needs and our fit consultants are extensively trained to help her find the perfect fit. With our new store, we want every woman to not only look fabulous, but also feel fabulous,” articulates Shekhar Tewari, CEO Enamor.

Being a market leader in premium lingerie, it’s a duty that Enamor embraces upon, as a brand to constantly reinvent the relationship that Indian women have with their lingerie wardrobe.



  1. OF MBO’S: 5000+

LFS : 350+

EBO’S : 14

No. of Employees : 2000


Bodycare Creations Ltd.

Consistent quality & innovative designing

body care - logo

Bodycare Creations Ltd., falls in the top five innerwear brands in the country today. Owned by Sanjay Dawar  ambitious and dynamic personality, he has taken the company to great heights through time attaining the status it has today. Innovative designs and supreme quality is what makes the brand a leading one in intimate wear.

The company was actually establishes in 1992 under the name of M/S Pawan Hosiery manufacturing innerwear under the brand ‘Bodycare’. After Bodycare Creations was established in 2008, the brand name has been constantly updating the designs and had also gained sustainability in the market in the mid-segment.


The brand goes by the philosophy—“We strive to meet the diverse needs of our customer by being innovative. We are committed towards offering fashion quality and comfort at an unbelievable price.”

With its value for money pricing for intimate and stylish innerwear and active wear, the brand is one of the most sought after ones. Besides, its wide and extensive distribution presence, communication and promotions that are in sync with the brand positioning, timely delivery system, all make them an iconic brand in the lingerie space today.

The brand offers a complete range of trendy lingerie solutions ranging from bra, panties, camisoles, shorts, bikini, leggings, capris, to sports wear, for the middle income group. Besides, it has utility products such as feeding bra, maternity panty tummy control panty and also Teflon coating sanitary panty. The brand is also the first to introduce lycra stretch panties and procian printed panties as well.

2 3

Though the focus for the brand has been on the middle income group so far, it now plans to also cater to the upper and niche classes as well. Also being a winner of many prestigious awards and continuing to do so from reputed entitites, the brand has assured it prominent presence in the market in this segment.

And with a production capacity of 15 million pieces each year with an efficient team of 700 people and a distribution team of 140 pan-India, Bodycare is truly a brand to be reckoned with in the intimate wear sector.

Brand Strength

MBO’s: 15,000+

Distributors: 140+

Employees : 700

Production : 15 million

Groversons  Apparel Pvt. Ltd.

From 150 crores to 300 crores – Aims to be the biggest  intimate brand in India


Groversons Group has successfully completed its 65 years in the intimate sector in India. The company has grown and drastically evolved over the last several decades. The logo was recently redesigned keeping in mind that it was perfectly emblematic of what the new image of the brand stood for…the company’s new vision and mission of bringing a change in the market by providing a modern touch to their contemporary product.


Groversons, one of the oldest lingerie manufacturers in the country, was established in 1953 by the late C L Grover. The company first branded its products under the name Paris Beauty, which later became the flagship brand of the company. Under the able leadership of their Managing Director, Rakesh Grover, the Groversons Group has achieved many a milestone – it was the first lingerie company in India to get ISO9001:2008 certification

With state of art manufacturing facilities at Manesar in Haryana for its lingerie and intimate apparel line, Groversons has firmly established itself as a brand to reckon with. The Group has a production capacity of about 25 million pieces a month and now markets and sells these wide range of products different brands.


“Groversons’ flagship brand, Paris Beauty, is also the oldest lingerie brand in India today and comes with a huge variety of products – from 100 per cent cotton bras to knitted and fashion bras, slips, camisoles, and panties. It’s an economy brand, which targets the masses,” says Siddharth Grover, Director, Groversons Group.

A other brands are Miss-T,  which is  a premium brand that targets the youth, Winta, (2012), is a thermal wear brand for men, women, and kids.

“All our brands are pocket-friendly, starting at Rs 100 and going up to Rs 900 for thermal wear for adults. The group is also good at keeping up with the times, periodically introducing new collections, the latest being a padded collection in a wide range of solids and prints and a sports range to wear in the gym, while doing yoga and even running,” says Siddharth, adding, “We also have a plus size collection, in vivid colors and lace designs, which has amassed quite a following in the market and has raked in a good amount of revenue.”


It also has a retail presence in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and New Zealand.“We plan on expanding its product ranges in the same categories as there is a huge growth opportunity in this market. We currently have 15 EBOs, and retail from 16,500 MBOs,” states Siddharth.

The brand is doing well online now, upgrading the whole online ecosystem from its website. Groversons is also selling its products from various e-commerce portals, which has given online revenues a boost.

“In the last fiscal, we have seen a healthy turnover of Rs 150 crore, growing at a CAGR around 20 to 25 per cent approximately, and we plan on crossing the Rs 300 crore mark in the next three years,” concludes Siddharth.

Brand Strength

MBO’S – 16,500 +

EBOS – 15+

Employees : 2200

Production : 25 million

Page Apparels Ltd.

The Doyen of Intimates

Jockey logo

One Company that is a Doyen not only in the Intimate Apparel space but in the entire RMG sector wouldn’t be wrong.

Yes it is PAGE APPARELS – Jockey  — The Company was set up in 1994 with the key objective of bringing the world renowned brand “JOCKEY®” to India.

Its promoters are the Genomal family, who have been associated with JOCKEY International Inc. for 50 years as their sole licensee in the Philippines. Page Industries became a public company in March 2007 and is quoted in the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India.


The company commenced operations in the year 1995 with the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of Jockey® products. As of March 2018, the company’s workforce numbered over 20,000 people with manufacturing operations spread over fifteen state-of-the art manufacturing complexes in Bangalore, Hassan, Mysore, Gowribidanur, Tiptur and Tirupur. Page Industries commands wide spread pan India distribution encompassing over 50,000 plus retail outlets in 1,800 cities and towns and has revolutionized the innerwear market by launching 470 + Exclusive JOCKEY® Brand Outlets across India. (March’2018)


“As the brand expands in the country, we are looking to increase production. We are looking to double our production capacity from current 200 million pieces per annum to 400 million pieces by 2020,” Page Industries Managing Director Sunder Genomal told here.


The brand currently has 17 production units in Karnataka. As price-points in India are lower than its other markets and brand-awareness, aspiration and accessibility are on the rise, the potential for growth in India is huge, Genomal explained. The brand is now focusing on penetrating deep into smaller markets. Page Industries, which manufactures and markets Jockey products in India, the UAE and Sri Lanka.

“In 2005 and 2009, the company was awarded the “best licensee of the year” by Jockey International Inc. as recognition for its outstanding achievement in establishing and strengthening the JOCKEY® brand as a market leader in India.

In 2010, the Company bagged the “International Licensee of the Decade” award for achieving record growth year after year, offering world class products and maintaining global quality standards across all operations.

In 2012, the company was honoured for the “Outstanding Advancement of the Jockey Global Retail Image”, a rare distinction from amongst 142 countries where Jockey is present.

2 3

Page Industries was honoured by Jockey International Inc. with the ‘International Licensee of the year’ award for 2013 as well, outperforming 140 other countries where the Jockey brand is present. This award was given in recognition of outstanding brand building, consistent healthy growth in sales, and remarkable product development and innovation in our markets

In 2018 Page Industries was presented with the Decadal Award in the CNBC TV18 – 10th Emerging India Awards for having truly raised the bar of excellence for over a decade.

Little Lacy Pvt. Ltd.

The leader of laces in Lingerie

Little lacy logo

Rajiv Padwal  has built a reputation as one of the most consistent names in lingerie fashion and Little Lacy has high hopes for the future. The company was founded in 1992 in Mumbai. Back then it was known as “Little Laika”. The branding underwent a change in 1998, they turned it into a Private Limited Company and since then it is known as LITTLE LACY. This year the successful lingerie company is celebrating its 25th anniversary. This brand has been growing over the years and has become an integral part of lingerie Industry in India.


Little Lacy is known for always using the most up-to-date cutting techniques, embroideries, laces and fashion-forward designs in its products, the result they say is a line of refined, sophisticated lingerie for the everyday woman. Little Lacy has fully grasped this, and provides the best fit, quality and the greatest comfort.

If it’s Lacy, it’s got to be us. Our products are engineered with intricate embroideries and laces that truly make them class apart. We give due attention to the quality of raw materials, hand feel, user wear ability and comfort. These things go a long way in making our lingerie a world class product.” –  Rajiv Padwal

Little Lacy was the FIRST in the market to launch over 40 colors in the fashion lingerie category. Thus the sheer non availability of choices for the women led to the foundation of this brand.

2 4 3

They were the first to introduce colors, laces and embroideries. The other brands that they launched are ‘CDEF’ and Lobster. The former is a range of bras made exclusively for the bigger cup sized women at a time when consumers were new to the concept of a C or a higher cup bra.  Their product basket have increased with the addition of a swimwear brand “LOBSTER” in 2003 and a premium core lingerie brand “EXTRALIFE” in 2008.

“Innovation is at the helm of our line of products and we have to update ourselves each day with the new trends in styles, colors and fabrics. So that is something which keeps us on our toes at all times.

We draw a lot of inspiration from where the actual needs and desires of a consumer arise. The product needs to be a blend of utility and value addition.” Says Urja Padwal the Brand Manger asserts.

Lovable Lingerie  Ltd.

The first Premium  Lingerie brand in India

Lovable logo

In 1995, Maxwell Industries Ltd. took the rights to manufacture & market brand “Lovable” from Lovable World Trading Corporation, USA. and subsequently, in the year 2001, Maxwell acquired the sole ownership of the brand “Lovable” with rights to market in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. The innerwear products manufactured under the brand “Lovable” cater to the premium segment market in country

“Lovable” and “Daisy Dee” are two flagship brands of Lovable Lingerie Ltd. The brand “Lovable” is amongst the top three most preferred brand in women’s innerwear in India (Source: CARE Report).

“Our Company’s core competency lies in understanding the prevailing trends in the women’s innerwear market and the buying preferences of our customers. Accordingly we manufacture quality innerwear garments to the utmost satisfaction of our customers and assuring them of a perfect fit. In addition, our competency also lies in identifying the gaps and foraying into the untapped women’s innerwear market segments with unique products” mentions Mr. Vinay Reddy -Managing Director, Lovable Lingerie Ltd.


The Company has been successful in establishing one of the first international women’s innerwear brands in the Indian market.

They have established product segments like All Day Long, Cotton Essensuals, Encircle, Tease to name a few, at a time when women’s innerwear market was at its nascent stage.

“Our Company has 6 manufacturing facilities of which 4 are in Bengaluru and one each in Roorkee & Uttarakhand. Our 4 manufacturing facilities situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka commenced operations in the year 1995 and the year 2005 respectively and have a total production capacity of 120 lacs garments per annum. Another modernized facility at a new location in Bengaluru will result in increase in capacity and value-addition by 25 lacs garments per annum.


The manufacturing unit situated at Roorkee, Uttarakhand commenced operationit’s in February, 2010 and has an installed capacity of 7.5 lac pieces per annum to manufacture brassiere and panties.

In order to keep up with consumer tastes and fashion cycles, our Company has set up an in house design studio for developing innerwear products and creating styles to meet the global standards.

4 2

They have a design studio in Bengaluru, Karnataka with the latest equipments and a team of designers. The design studio is equipped with latest software with requisite hardware like digitiser, pattern grader, sampling, sewing machines and sample analyser.

The design studio has a dedicated team of designers, pattern makers and sample makers who put together international trends and innovative features in their innerwear products and which are updated from visits to international women’s innerwear and raw materials fairs, industry literature and women’s innerwear websites. The company continuously works on the basis of consumer feedback, by visiting trendsetting international markets and meeting market participants at such markets.

Benetton India Pvt. Ltd.

Big is Beautiful

Benetton logo

The Benetton Group, established in 1965 by the Benetton family in Ponzano Veneto, in north-east Italy, is today one of the largest clothing maker in Italy. While it’s initial few years of operations witnessed expansion within Italy, the company ventured outside Italy for the first time in 1969 when it opened its store in Paris. Later it expanded to the US in 1980 and then to Japan in 1982.


Today Benetton Group is one of the best-known fashion companies in the world, a responsible group that plans for the future and lives in the present, with a watchful eye to the environment, to human dignity, and to a society in transformation.

On its 40th anniversary in 2005, Benetton was present in 120 countries, with more than 5,000 stores. Europe continues to be the largest market and constitutes nearly 85 per cent of global sales. They have a visionary yet realistic outlook,  their collections have been worn all over the world with the brands United Colors of Benetton, Undercolors of Benetton and Sisley.

The Asian and Australian markets come next, with a contribution of roughly 10 per cent to sales, followed by the Americas at 4.2 per cent, with the rest of the world having the remaining share.

Benetton’s clothing, primarily casual knitwear and sportswear for men, women, and children, are retailed through franchised stores, department stores and mega stores. Other products include sunglasses, watches and shoes. Though the development of its stylish collection is done in Europe, the company’s designers travel around together in order to create a collection that is acceptable to all the markets.


Benetton in India: Benetton entered the Indian market in 1991-92, as a 50:50 joint venture with the DCM Group in Delhi, and launched its flagship label UCB. Effective 22nd December 2004, Benetton became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Benetton Group, Italy.

UCB is today a leading brand in India with more than 106 stores across 45 cities in India. The retail network is a mix of owned and franchised stores. India is also used as a market for Benetton Group’s global sourcing especially for kids’ apparel. In India, the company employs more than 300 people directly while indirect employment is in excess of 5,000 people.

Key success factors in India.

Benetton has been growing at a hectic pace since it became a 100 per cent subsidiary of the Italian parent. The focus on India by the Group Chairman, Luciano Benetton himself, is providing the vision and support that will ensure that Benetton continues to set benchmarks in apparel retailing in India.

Going by the adage “Big is beautiful”, Benetton’s new positioning is that of a mega store retail chain, with the décor of its stores totally in sync with the global identity.


The company would like to be present wherever the market exists, whether it is large cities or small towns. The company is also contemplating the introduction of speciality stores dedicated to product categories like innerwear, men’s wear etc.


EBO’S : 650

MBO’S : 1900

LFS : 64


EMPLOYEES : 28 (Undercolors)


Eves Apparel

Old is gold and classics live for ever.


Established back in 1954, Associated Apparel is a name to reckon with the intimate apparel industry. For Libertina it is 75th year. Started in 1943, by Mr Bhawandas Wadhwani. There were no brands in terms of shirts, i.e., branded shirt, and they started with a shirt called ‘Liberty’. Soon they wanted to foray out into other aspects and they did a tie-up with Maiden Form. Libertina till the 1960s was sold in India by the name of Maiden Form and it’s only when the RBI regulations came in 1977 that’s when Maiden Form became Libertina.

The legacy was carried on by Narendra Virwani and now by its third generation Mr. Ajit and Ashish Virwani are carrying this brand forward. The brand has defined the journey of women and her relationship with innerwear right through the early sixties to this present day.


Woven cotton ruled the roost with its rigid patterns and conical shaped bras which were the rage in those days. Women preferred to be constrained in woven cotton as knitted bras or Lycra bras weren’t invented then. Also the subject of bras were very much a taboo in the society and its discussion or sale was shunned at large.

Some of their patterns like the Dutchess, Empress & Princess are still sold today in the original avatar. This easily will be the longest surviving piece of pattern ever produced for women anywhere in the world. Which is a testimony to the craftsmanship and ingenuity of these patterns to have survived for this long? The brand acquired a iconic status and the demand was so huge that they could barely keep up to this. It spawned many imitators and is still one of the most copied patterns in India. But its demand still continues and it has regular buyers in India and abroad.

3 2

On the manufacturing side the company has invested hugely in modern manufacturing setup in Hyderabad and now in Vapi, besides in Mumbai. The company caters to over MBO’s and


MBO’S : 5000+




Lux Industries

On a strong pitch in Intimates

Lux logo

Lux Industries is one of India’s major innerwear-cum-leisurewear company. Its product portfolio spans three categories — mass, mid-premium, and premium. With over 12 active brands, product premiumisation on the agenda, network augmentation, and robust fundamentals to back its plans, the company’s prospects are soaring.

Recently, Lux announced a rejig, wherein two entities (JM Hosiery & Co. Ltd. & Ebell Fashions Pvt Ltd) of the promoters’ group will be merging into Lux Industries limited. .  J.M. Hosiery & Co. Ltd. (JMHC) (GenX) and Ebell Fashions Private Ltd (EFPL) (Lyra) are engaged in the business of manufacturing, marketing, sale and distribution of knitted apparel.

The premium active wear and lounge wear for men under its brand GenX, and premium women lingerie, priced at Rs 170 to Rs 400.

1 43

Lux Cozi is one of the top players in the men’s innerwear market with a strong presence in the mid to economy segment. Lux Cozi is a value for money brand which offers great comfort and style. At present, Lux has a product portfolio of 100+ products catering to men, women and kids. Lux produces vests, briefs, boxers, tshirts, leggings, shorts, trackpants, spaghettis, thermals, panties and many other products represented by some of the most prominent brands like Lux Cozi, Lux Bigshot, Lux Venus, ONN, Genx, Lyra, Lux Cottswool, Lux Inferno, Lux Classic, Lux Mozze and Lux Karishma.

Lux Cozi is one of the most widely distributed and retailed brand in India and is retailed through more than 4,50,000 retailers across the length and breadth of the country.

Lux Cozi has received many accolades for its quality and top performance. – Asia’s Most Admired Brands – 2017-2018, Asia’s Greatest Brands – 2016, The World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders – 2015, The Admired Brand of India 2014-2015, Master Brand – 2014-15 and Asia’s Most Promising Brand – 2013-2014, to name a few.

Online presence at e-commerce platforms includes Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, Limeroad, Paytm, etc.

Brand Associations : Lux Cozi believes in associating with celebs whose persona matches the brand’s values and that help its customers to get connect with the brand easily.


The company commissioned a new plant in Dankuni, West Bengal in order to increase the overall manufacturing capacity. The company has five manufacturing facilities in five locations across India.

Lux has reiterated its leadership position in the domestic market with a network of 900 distributors present even in the remote corners of the country. Acknowledged as a Star Export house, Lux sell their products across 48+ countries in the world whose dominant geography includes Middle-East, Africa, Australia, and Europe, making Lux the largest Indian exporters in the industry.


Sagar Products Pvt. Ltd.

Firmly entrenched in Intimates

Red rose logo

Since inception in 1977 by the Vora brothers, ‘Red Rose’ by Sagar products has carved a niche as a leading brand in women’s intimate wear. Inspired by the women, for the women, at “Red Rose” They strongly believe it all starts with what you’re wearing on the inside that projects beauty and confidence on the outside.


At any point of time, they have over 300 designs in Panties and over 150 designs in Camisoles,  250 varieties in panties and over 100 designs in slips and bedroom nighties. They also have a wide spectrum of designs in Babydolls, Cotton nightwear, Maternity wear & Pyjama sets.

The product basket includes products like Leggings, Bathrobes, Track pants, T-shirts, Hot shorts, Tummy and thigh shapers apart from several healthcare products like Sanitary panties, Arm pads, Pregnancy panties, Feeding Pads, Disposable panties, etc.

In the Kids’ Undergarments collection colorful and playful prints pamper your little ones. Red Rose has the authorized licensee for leading cartoon characters like “ Barbie, BEN10”, “Hello Kitty”, “Powerpuff Girls”, “Doreamon”, “Dora”, & “MR. BEAN” Minions, Justice League.

4 3 2

Red Rose retails through an extensive network of over 8,000 MBO’s. Apart from India, Red Rose is also making its impressions across the Globe through exports to several countries including a sizeable presence in the Middle East. Recognizing the changing demographics of the shopping environment, it also sells its products through different online partners like Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, Homeshop18 , Snapdeal, etc.

Most of their products are made up of 100% pure cotton hosiery material and some of  these are blended from Dupont Lycra, which are totally harmless for the health of their consumers.


MBO’s : 8000

Distributors : 60

Employees : 400

Production : 10,000 pcs

Shalibhadra Creations Pvt. Ltd.

Happy Inside

Sonari logo

Sonari is lingerie brand retailing in the Indian market for over 40 years through retail hosiery shops. It claims to be the most preferred product when it comes to ‘Comfort for Indian Women’. Sonari products were mainly selling as value-for-money product selling purely on its product feature-and-benefits.

The parent company Shalibhadra Trading is also looking at exploring markets beyond India. A new manufacturing set up at Bhiwandi near Mumbai in 2013. Spread over one lakh sq. ft., with 200 machines and the capacity for 20,000 pieces daily. A part of the production is earmarked for exports to Gulf, Africa and Asian markets like Sri Lanka.

Sonari has a deeply ingrained culture of understanding the lifestyle of its target audience and this is reflected in its lingerie line. With the creativity of in-house designers, the company sets new standards using innovation as a tool.

Sonari products are present with 4,000 retailers in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. “We are in metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai.

3 2

We have 60 to 70 distributors all over India. Every year we add 200 to 250 MBOs. We are also selling in LFS like Pantaloons, D Mart and Big Bazaar etc,” Kubadia adds.

The brand was launched in 1972 by Bhogilal Kubadia and Dhiraj Kubadia, who started with a small lingerie manufacturing unit in Dadar. Today, the company boasts of a collective spread of 20,000 sq. ft. in various locations. Even without much advertising or fanfare the brand is known for its quality and fits.


“Every year we grow by 25 to 30 per cent and currently have a capacity of producing 10,000 pieces a day. Attaining new heights with every new collection, it has truly established itself as leader in the Indian intimate apparel industry,” Kubadia opines.

Meanwhile the company has invested heavily in adopting modern technologies that match up to international standards and employs the best practices and processes of operation to give a new dimension to the lingerie industry in India.


MBO’s : 4000+

Distributors : 70

Production : 12,000 pcs

SD Retail Pvt. Ltd.

Pioneers of Loungewear in India

Sweet Dreame logo

In 1989, Bhavnagar, Gujarat,  the Ruparelia brothers conceptualised   SD Retail Pvt Ltd and named it ‘Sweet Dreams’. A pioneering brand in sleep clothing was born. They are credited for bringing the loungwear concept in India in the year 2000. The company has seen manifold jump in their turnovers and their passion for innovating has remained undiminished.


They have four state-of-the-art manufacturing units that keep weaving a wide variety of happy reasons for consumers to keep smiling. What’s more, the present top line of SD Retail Pvt Ltd has crossed over (INR 200 crore in the year 2015) latest fig

With the increasing amount of stress, people have been valuing their relax time more and more. The growth story of sleepwear in India is a case study in itself. From being the neglected category whose biggest competition was “Old clothes” it has now become a large part of the wardrobe. This change is a result of the change in lifestyle of the new consumer and how the industry has reacted to that change. Lounge/Sleep now encompasses active wear, ath-leisure, travel wear, yoga wear, gym wear etc.

This has increased the category bandwidth. The loungewear/Sleepwear segment now provides for the clothing need of almost 128 hours out of a total of 168 hours per week.

Powered by a strong presence in over 5000+ prominent traditional retail stores, 20+ Large Format Stores and fast growing in all Online Marketplaces, Sweet Dreams is currently the leading Sleep and Home clothing brand of the country.

4 3 2

Its modern retail reach includes some of the best known names like Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle, India Bulls, Central MBO, Spencers and it also boasts of a striking brand visibility in UAE, East Africa and other emerging markets.


MBO’s : 5000+

LFC’s: 20+

Belle Wears Pvt. Ltd.

Mass market bras for the Teenagers

Teenager logo

It is said that adolescence is the period of storm and strife. It is a period when any child enters the teenage and it goes on till adulthood. The physical changes in the girls make every teenage girl get conscious of her appearance. Due to the newly grown breasts, many a times she gets into the dilemma of choosing a perfect bra that would maintain her natural breast growth.

With the expert advice from the pioneers in the medical field, the teenager bra has been conceived and thus designed for optimum comfort ensuring the natural growth of the breast. Today the teenage girl prefers the teenager branded bra and due to this comfortable fitting they become our regular and thus loyal customers.

Belle Wears Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1985 from Kolkata who had the vision to bring world class lingerie products suiting Indian body and climatic conditions. After over two decades the Company, has established itself as a major player in the Indian Intimate wear Industry with many best-selling lingerie brands of the country in its fold. After having  shifted its operation to Delhi, the company went into a modernization drive by establishing a state of art bra manufacturing factory in Loni, Gahziabad (U.P.) equipped with world class imported machines and a dedicated team of designers, technicians and workers at the helm.


The Company produces and markets more than 54 lakh bra pieces per year through its extensive distribution network spread all over the country. It has an extensive marketing network with 2 Consignee agents, 220 distributors and over 20,000 retailers spread over the entire length and breadth of the country.

Belle wears owes its success to keen insight into specific Indian consumer’s requirements and unwavering commitment to maximize consumer satisfaction by offering world class products with high value for money. The entire manufacturing process, create more styles and specific cup size, price points as well as style needs.


Belle Wears produces and markets its products under Teenager bras ABCD Cup Bra. It is quite unique that the company manufactures just one pattern in as many as 40 different band and cup sizes. The bras are made from 100% woven cotton with lycra elastic straps. This pattern continues to be the longest serving pattern in Indian intimate industry.

According to Mr. Mukul Malhotra, “Belle Wear’s first commitment is to keep bringing in trendiest styles, makes and designs of the innerwear at reasonable prices. Innovation, modern production and marketing practices have helped us in achieving a high degree of acceptability among consumers from diverse economic and demographic profiles”.


Trylo Industries & Trylo Intimates

The incredible journey

Trylo logo

Trylo, one of the leading lingerie brands, shares its incredible journey of more than two decades.

Trylo was founded in the year 1992, comes from house of GULALWADI CHANIYA HOUSE founder Shri Popatlal. Tribhuvandas. Patadia – A well reputed tailoring outfit in the heart of South Mumbai – since 1950 which itself is the landmark for many.


Trylo is being managed by three brothers

Hiten Patadia, Chirag Patadia of Trylo Industries and  Ritesh Patadia of Trylo Intimates.

Trylo is a vertically integrated company, ranked amongst India’s leading manufacture of a wide range of Lingerie products. They have two units with state of the art production facility at Surendranagar, Gujarat.

Apart from being one of the largest Lingerie manufacturer in India, Trylo has successfully evolved to accommodate new innovations in elastic, hosiery cloth & buckle manufacturing for their in house needs. They manufacture their own accessories and from fabric to finishing, processing and stitching, everything for Trylo is a mark of excellence. The brand’s vision extends way beyond just manufacturing lingerie pieces and in return is a complete process that works towards making every piece of Trylo lingerie ‘perfect’.  Working round the clock, today Trylo is one of the most sought after brands in the Indian as well as International fashion market.

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Trylo is known for its plus size bras in woven cotton and knitted cotton fabrics. They were the first intimate brand in India to have a specialised range for C & D and bigger cup sizes. They gained immense popularity for discovering this gap in the Indian market in the nineties and exploiting it to the hilt. There patterns like Krutika, Alpa, Namrata are popular even today.

Chirag Patadia, Director, Trylo Industries says, “We are a lingerie brand that does not only cater to the intimate apparel needs of women. We also give structure to stylish aspirations and thereby cater a lot to the plus size, bustier women. Fashion shouldn’t be restricted to a certain body type

After the grand success of running Exclusive Brand Outlets in Ahmedabad, Surat and Gandhidham, Trylo Intimates has recently unveiled its 6th Exclusive Brand Outlet in Rajkot while products of Trylo Intimates are also available at a large number of leading retailers in many states and cities.

“We design our products delivering great comfort, Trylo Intimates also delivers perfect fittings and modern range. And this is the reason why Trylo is the first choice of women,” says Mr. Ritesh Patadia, the Director of Trylo Intimates.

Kalyani Innerwear Pvt. Ltd.

Rapidly growing innerwear brand in India


Kalyani established in 2000, is located in Delhi India, Their products include sexy Lingerie, bras and briefs set, and lady Briefs. Kalyani has emerged as one of the fastest growing brand in India.

Kalyani started from a very humble beginnings. It was a dream team, with the joint efforts of Suresh Gulati. Ramesh Gulati and Jaspal Sachdeva, Kalyani lnnerwear was established in the early 2000. The trio combined their expertise. Suresh came with experience in marketing and retail. Ramesh brought the knowledge of manufacturing and Jaspal in fitting. The journey began with a single ambition- to give Indian women access to innerwear that fit well and made them feel good.


Kalyani currently employees a workforce of 300 trained employees from its main office in Tronica city. Ghaziabad. They have four units spread across Tronica City producing around 30,000 pcs of lingerie every day.

Kalyani is retailed in over 13000 MBO’s across 25 states of India. Today Kalyani is the top 10 lingerie brands in the VFM category.

Their core strength is providing woven cotton, knitted cotton and fancy bras at an affordable prices for the Indian masses.

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MBO’S : 13,000+



Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd.

The leading brand of Nightwear in India.


Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd (AIFL), incorporated in 2006 is a fashion house that designs, brands, markets and retails intimate garments for men, women and children.

But the seeds were sown in 1999 when young Mr. Harshad Thakkar decided to venture into manufacturing of nightwear after gaining a stint in his relative intimate apparel retail shop. This experience stood him in good as he was able to identify the gaps in the market and exploit them to the fullest.


The company is in the business of designing, branding, marketing and retailing clothing products such as lounge wear sleep wear, bathrobes and women inner wear since its inception under the brand name ‘Valentine’.

Products such as loungewear, bridal night wear, honeymoon sets and bathrobes under the brands “Valentine” and “N-Line” are available through our large network of distributors to their customers in India as well as other countries. The company also launched sportswear and kids lounge-wear products.

The company went public in 2013 and was the first SME in apparel to be listed in BSE.

Their products are well received especially in MENA region.  Nighty, maternity feeding nighties and bridal night wear (two pieces) are marketed under the brand “Night & Day”.

To expand their existing market base, in 2011 they forayed into marketing of sportswear, women’s innerwear and lingerie’s under the brands “Valentine Sportswear”, “Valentine Secret Skin” & “Valentine Pink” respectively by leveraging their existing marketing network.

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They have a strong network of 115 distributors (including an overseas distributor), 10 C&F agents and 65 salesmen across India. Over 14,000 point of sales, tie-ups with various MBOs along with a strong online presence in all the major e-com portals in India. The total no. of EBO’s is 15 which are increasing with every passing month.

Bodycare International Ltd.

Strong brand presence  in Kids, Thermals 1& Loungewear

Body care Int - logo 

Founded in the year 1992 by Mr. Satish Gupta, the company today enjoys the distinction of being country’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Kids Undergarments, Infant wear, Thermals & Loungewear for complete family. Under the astute leadership of a dynamic visionary, Satish Gupta and managed by three most competent and distinguished Directors,  Sachin Gupta,  Amit Gupta and  Mithun Gupta the company’s reach spans across all states making it country’s top five innerwear brands.

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With the products tailored to suit the changing tastes, time and trends, the brand caters to middle, upper middle and upper class – providing high quality products at affordable prices. They claim to be the first to introduce Procian printed girls panties in India.

Aided by a well established and state of the art infrastructure and about 180000 sq ft area with units located at Noida, Delhi and Dehradun, the company produces close to 20 million pieces per annum. This production is well supported by a strategically defined and strong network of alliances which include almost ten thousand outlets across the country, 150 distributors and a dedicated team of over 1000 employees.


The brands of Bodycare are Bodycare Kids, Bodycare Insider, Bodycare First, Proteens, Bodycare Basyx, Proteens Basyx.

Fashioning an innovative products portfolio which consists of more than 150 Styles of inner wear, 70 styles of Thermals & over 100 styles of Lounge wear in all possible fabric blends, sizes, colors and designs. Having consolidated its position as avant-garde in the domestic market, the company also ventured into international markets such as UAE, Russia, Asia and Africa, thereby creating global footprints in the export sector.

After a successful stint in thermal and inner wear, Bodycare launched Proteens, an urbane lineup of clothing for men, women and kids in 2006. In Proteens the designs comprises of seasonal loungewear, nightwear for men, women and kids. Proteens loungewear has more than 100 designs per season. The range is available within a price band of INR 599 to INR 1999. A dedicated infrastructure of over 40,000 square feet has been set up with a production capacity of over 1.5 lakh pieces per month.

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Proteens Basyx is an economical segment with its product offerings for all age groups. Bodycare launched Proteens Basyx for men, women and kids in 2011. It consists of shorts, capris, lowers and t-shirts in more than 80 designs per season. Available within a price band of INR 199 to INR 899; Proteens Basyx is rapidly garnering a strong foothold in the market.


MBO’s : 25,000

Distributors: 150

Employees : 1000+

Juliet Apparels Pvt. Ltd.

The inspirational  journey continues


Juliet’s inception goes back to the time when the bra was a foreign luxury. It all started with the relentless passion of Gunwant and Sashikant Trevadia, two small-town brothers who dreamt of making it big in the city. Juliet’s initial venture focused on woman’s intimate garments. Their journey from selling these pieces on streets for some extra cash to their ends into becoming one of the biggest intimate wear brands in India

was a massive one.

The journey of Trevadia brothers started off with 2 machines and after a forty years long tryst, they had successfully managed to forge an empire that made a pivotal change in India’s Intimate wear Industry.


Juliet entered the business when there was no other significant market player. No rule books, no trends and no guidelines to follow, Trevadia brothers had to rely on their experience and vision. Today they’ve built their way up as a brand that women trust their most intimate needs with. As her precious confidant, they believe in producing a clothing line that compliments her lifestyle, dreams and aspirations in every way.

Their offerings stretch from lingerie in every style to comfy nightwear, upbeat sports apparel and even western and ethnic wear collections.

They’re constantly expanding and evolving to keep up with the life of a contemporary woman. Offering her the best of fashion, comfort and usability in her everyday life.

In Lingerie, they provide a vast range of fashionable and comfortable bras like a push-up, padded, non-padded, wired, non-wired, strapless, as well as stylish and snug panties.

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In addition, they offer maternity wear to make the shopping experience for soon-to-be mothers really easy. Understanding the profound need for comfort and quality — they have focused on the same and now they are a name one often hears amongst ladies across ages.


They solely focus on providing with the most recent trends and premium quality fabric. With this goal, Juliet aspires to weave comfort that allows the customer to experience luxury every day!

Go Colors

All about Happy Legs


Go Colors, founded in 2010 by Gautam Saraogi and Prakash Saraogi. It enjoys a significant nationwide presence with a network of more than 300 exclusive branded outlets and presence in over 500 large-format stores like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Reliance Trends & Globus. Additionally, the brand also retails on leading online marketplaces besides its own online store.


Go Fashion (India) Pvt. Ltd. provides cotton fabric legwear products for women and girls. It offers legwear, such as churidars, leggings and jeggings, palazzos, harems, and patialas in various colors that are matched with other outerwear. The company also offers homewear, which includes lounge pants, capris, camisoles, tank tops, T-shirts, short/kurti/nightie slips, and tube tops; and wash and wear diaper nappies/shorts for babies.

It serves customers through its retail outlets and kiosks in India. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

They have the widest range of legwear – Leggings, Jeggings, Harems, Palazzos, Patialas, Denims, Pants and Churidars in over 100 colours – finding the perfect match for your lovely legs couldn’t get easier.

“Go Colors has a strong presence in Southern and Western India, and wants to increase its reach in the Northern and Eastern India. Private equity fund Sequoia Capital & ICICI ventures have invested in this company.

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EBOS & MBO’s : 300

LFC : 4



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