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Online innerwear portals cater largely to the fairer sex, but there are some that also humour the men. But, with the men’s innerwear segment evolving and growing continuously, online players, taking note, especially the men’s brands have started offering their products online, on their websites. And that’s what this online platform is all about…XYXXcrew.com, which assures to fulfill all your basic needs.

Mr Yogesh Kabra

Yogesh Kabra, Founder, XYXX Apparels Pvt Ltd., www.xyxxcrew.com, came with a vision to come out with a brand that is consumer-centric. In fact, the brand manufactures innerwear for both men and women, which is high on comfort and reflects the wearer’s personality. When it comes to men’s innwerwear, XYXX endevours to the change the innerwear culture of that there’s no innovation and also bad habits surrounding the product itself.

Reviewing the website:

You meet with a clean and neat interface as you log on to the website. At the top, on the landing page, at the centre itself, there’s a mention of ‘free shipping on all orders above INR 499’, which, we think is a sure-shot way to attract people to explore further. Towards the right there’s the search icon and next to it, there’s an icon that takes you to the ‘registered customers’ page and next to it there’s an icon that takes you to your ‘shopping cart’. Towards the left, on top, the categories ‘men’s innerwear’ and ‘loungewear are listed. On the landing page new arrivals in each category such as trunks, briefs, boxers, etc. are mentioned.

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Each category is further divided into different segments, such as ‘trunks, ‘boxers’, briefs’, etc. which are in turn divided into sub-categories. Clicking on any one category, takes you to the interface of that category, which takes you to the interface of that product with the range on display. You can even filter further by percentage, size, price, colour, etc. Clicking on an image takes you to the details of that product such as description, specification, reviews, the price, the code, whether the product is in stock, etc. Below the image of the product, you have the option of ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’. You can even check the delivery time and COD availability if you make a purchase. Also, clicking on the portion of ‘micromodal fabric’ takes you to the actual process adopted by the brand. On the main page itself, below the category of t-shirts and lounge set, the category of best sellers is listed under which, the most popular products scroll across the screen. Clicking on any one takes you to the details of the same. Still lower, the new arrivals are listed as well and scroll through the screen. So, you can choose to click accordingly.

Then, towards the very end of the landing page, you will come across sections such as ‘About XYXX’, ‘Help’, ‘FAQs’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Email’, ‘Phone’, etc. There’s an option to even stay updated about the latest news of the brand for which all you need to do is to mention your email id in the space next to ‘subscribe’. The brand is quite active on social media as well such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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The website truly enlightens you about the brand as well the products and navigation is quite simple and easy, even for amateurs. XYXX.com can be an easy and interesting way to shop for the essentials from the convenience of your home.

LNL spoke to Mr Yogesh Kabra, Founder, XYXX Apparels Pvt Ltd., www.xyxxcrew.com for more insights about it and their future plans…

• When was xyxxcrew.com launched and the philosophy behind it?

We officially launched XYXX in December 2017 from a true consumer insight. Our consumer focus is a result of the fact that XYXX is a brand that is made for the consumer, by a consumer. Men’s underwear choice in India has typically been very boring with the usual black, grey and blue. We wanted to break this monotony and give consumers enough choices in terms of design, fabric and style.

Underwear is a man’s first productive decision in a day and unknowingly determines everything else that follows. We believe men deserve underwear that is beyond a functional piece of clothing. It has to be supremely comfortable but also fun and a reflection of his personality as well as aspirations.

•What inspiration was taken in designing the website? How do you infuse newness to your portal?

While designing we look at the website from three lenses:

1) Fun

2) Functional

3) Customer experience

Since website or digital is a visual medium we try to infuse newness through relevant visual content on website and other digital media channels.

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•What is the demography of your buyers?

Our core TG is a 27-year old, upwardly mobile guy. He is ambitious and digitally suave. He demands the best from everything that life has to offer and underwear is no exception.

•How does your typical buyer land up on your site?

Through social media channels such as Facebook/Intragram and Google

•How would you describe your website in terms of its aesthetics and ease of navigation?

We are modelled along the lines of the big e-com players and check-off all the boxes in terms of browser consistency, quick load times and effective navigation.

• Tell us about any other features that you are looking at adding.

We plan to offer a ‘make your own mix’ feature to cater to varied design choices. What most people don’t know is that for hygienic reasons it is best that underwear is replaced after 25-30 washes so it is best to get a new pair every three months so an automated replenish prompter is also on the cards next.

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•How is the mobile affecting e-commerce as an industry? Do you have an app? Do you plan on launching one?

I think times have changed. Mobile is not affecting e-commerce but it is e-commerce. 80 percent of our customers are on the mobile and there is a generation of customers who are mobile first. As a brand we think mobile first and that is one of the biggest advantages of Indian e-commerce. We do not have an app and do not plan on it in the foreseeable future. The idea is to not create too many destinations but drive all consumers to our website and give them the best possible shopping experience.

•How has the response been since the website’s inception? What challenges do you face while marketing products online?

We have seen exceptional growth in repeat buys and enjoy extremely positive customer feedback.

We are continuously adding more categories as our customers are demanding more from the brand. Having said that digital is an extremely competitive medium, since the barriers to entry are low we face competition from big legacy brands and smaller start-ups alike. The biggest challenge is always to identify the right customer cohort and to stay relevant with them. We have not leveraged the power of content marketing fully yet and hope to build relevance and recall in the consumer’s mind for the brand through it next.

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• How do you address fit issues when it comes to online shopping?

We have a 100 per cent refund policy. If you don’t like it we will take it back. No questions asked!

• How many orders do you ship in a day?

We are shipping 1000+ orders everyday

• Which marketplaces or online platforms do you sell on? Which do you prefer best and why?

We are available on all marketplaces that have fashion. Amazon has solid technology for customers and sells and we enjoy that relationship the most.

• Your future plans…

We are strengthening our retail presence as we speak. I think this is an omni-channel business and we need to be present wherever the customer is and you’d see a lot of distribution strength unfolding in the year to come.

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