HK actress Grace Chan posts lingerie pics and says ‘sexy is strong’

November 24, 2023 written by

Hong Kong actress Grace Chan recently posted photos of herself in a lacy pink bra and robe on Instagram, accompanied by the caption “sexy is strong.” The 31-year-old mother of three shared her journey toward self-confidence in showing skin and emphasized that being sexy doesn’t necessarily equate to being provocative.


However, the post received mixed reactions from her followers. While some praised her for her confidence and message, others expressed differing opinions. Some felt that there are more meaningful ways to express confidence and empowerment without showing skin, while others believed that being sexy and confident can coexist with class and modesty.

Grace Chan, who won the 2013 Miss Hong Kong pageant and has a career in acting, decided to share her perspective on modern sexiness and self-confidence as a response to personal growth and her experiences as a mother. Her post reflects the ongoing conversation about self-image, empowerment, and societal expectations, particularly within the context of the entertainment industry.

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