Desire for ‘sensual fashion’

November 23, 2017 written by
A model in bra posing for desire for ' sensual fashion'

Don’t Shy Lingerie, was founded with the aim to serve consumers with finest quality innerwear

Don’t Shy offers a wide range of lingerie’s for the urban women which includes Bras, Panties and Bridal sets.

They select the best raw material and fabrics to ensure the best quality and desired comfort. They always research and adopt new trends according to market requirements.
They have come out with three new bras recently targeting men’s shopping for girlfriend, wife and also for the middle class women. These products are available at all leading stores.

Comfort : These bra is created in B, C & D cup options that suits women of all breast dimensions. The rich cotton cups with beautiful stitches holds the cups firmly. These bras have the option of both elastic and transparent straps. Sexy and confident women are the target audience of the product. Available in white, skin, black, red and blue colors at an existing price of Rs. 290. It is available in sizes 75 to 110 cm.

Secret : With its sleek design and adjustable shoulder straps these seamless bras ensure a flawless look and are perfect to be worn with Salwar Kameez, T-shirt and body hugging outwear. They are designed to be more cute than racy. Available in skin, black and over 12 colors from 70 to 110 cm at Rs. 225.

Aakriti : It as a masterpiece that is created with B , C & D cups to suit different breast dimensions. Its rich chicken cotton cups with beautiful stitches that holds your breast firmly. Cool cotton rich fabric and gives desired comfort. While it’s pattern gives maximum coverage. It is a comfortfit for everyday and occasion from 75 to 110 cm at an exciting price of Rs. 260 .Colors available are white, skin and black.

Exotic : These seamless bra is created in B, C & D Cup options to suit with different cup sizes. Cotton cups with beautiful stitches gives ideal support and flawless fit in brighter colorsdesigned to be more cute than racy (already written before) .It is available in white, skin black and 6 other variant colorsfrom 75-110 cm at Rs 285.

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