Intertek adds activewear to US textile testing service

August 19, 2017 written by
Intertek adds activewear to US textile testing service

Intertek Adds Activewear Sector

Intertek is expanding its textile testing capabilities in the US with the launch of new services for the fast-growing activewear sector.

The services, which include evaluating evaporation/drying rates, water vapour transmission rates and antibacterial/antifungal properties, are new to the US market, the company says, and offer manufacturers of activewear and outdoor fabrics a more efficient, timely testing option.

The expanded US capabilities are the result of investments in new equipment at Intertek’s textile testing laboratory in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

The new machines allow experts in the lab to evaluate performance properties of fabrics for water vapour permeability and drying rates, as well as how they respond to variations in temperature and humidity. This information can be used to verify claims of breathability, quick dry and antibacterial qualities in textiles used for various products.

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