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Lingerie, innerwear, essentials, call it you may, but this basic gear is an all important and integral part of our wardrobes. However, it’s not only basic anymore but also fashionable and trendy and everyone loves a little style in every garment they don. Besides, wearing stylish lingerie or even loungewear makes one feel beautiful from the outside as well. makes it easier for you to shop for all things gorgeous and elegant when it comes to lingerie.

Promoted by Lovable Lingerie Ltd. (LLL), India’s leading marketer of Women’s Innerwear, Juvenca Online Pvt. Ltd.’s is a Greenfield e-commerce venture. Other than Lovable and Daisy Dee, the company’s flagship brands. It has several other popular lingerie brands on its online platform.

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The landing page is simple and clean, sans any clutter making it easy to navigate through and choose what you’re looking for. At the very top on the left side of the interface, you can go to their social media pages, Shop, use the Bra Calculator, go to Returns, etc. At the top right corner of the page, there is an option of Sign In and Cart as well.

Then, each category is mentioned such as ‘bra’, ‘panties’, ‘sets’, ‘camisoles’, ‘shapewear’, and others. Also, there are tab for Sale and Bestsellers each that are quite prominent. Furthermore, you can choose a category according to the brand and the style. Scrolling down the page takes you through interesting visuals of the products according to brands and styles and clicking on each takes you to the respective page where there are a plethora of options available. Offers and discounts are also prominently displayed before each category.

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Still further down, you can view products on which there is a discount. Below that is ‘We Love Blog’, which has interesting blogs on lingerie. Then, there is ‘Follow#welove’ that takes you to lovzme’s instagram page.

Also, there is an option of Top Categories, under which popular products are mentioned, for e.g., bra, panties, sets, sportswear, etc. Clicking on My Account takes you to your login. Under My Account, you can check your Order History, On Sale Products, Brands, etc. There is also a Contact Us option where you can connect with the brand via phone or email.

Vinay Reddy

LNL spoke to Mr Vinay Reddy, MD, Juvenca Online Pvt Ltd. (Lovzme), for more insights about the brand and their future plans…

When was launched? How did you come up with the idea for selling intimate wear online?

We launched  in July 2017. At a global scale, lingerie is expected to hit $55.83 billion by 2024. We have checked out the opportunities in it and wish to penetrate the lingerie market with online channel.

What inspiration was taken in designing the website? How do you infuse newness to your portal?

We aspire to provide an international quality experience to the Indian audience; that was our inspiration when we started conceptualising our website.

Lovzme is India’s first marketplace dedicated only to females. It’s not just a shopping website, but we are also a guide and friend to our buyers. Our chat options are always there to help you choose the perfect piece of clothing, exactly as your friends do. Our blogs focus on guiding you with the styling tips, so that you look awesome in the products that you buy from us.

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What is the demography of your buyers?

It is women of 16-55 years of age and covers all the regions of the country.

How does your typical buyer land up on your site?

We get most of our buyers through Google ads, social media and organic searches.

How would you describe your website in terms of its aesthetics and ease of navigation?

Lovzme is a very user-friendly website. We keep our buyer above us and keep on evolving to provide the best buying experience to them. One can access the products with just one click and take guidance from our experienced customer care executives to choose the right product for them. We also provide features with which consumers can self-analyse what would suit them the best. For e.g., we provide a fit calculator to our users, which is very easy to use. It helps them to find the exact bra size to help them choose the perfect lingerie. Apart from all of these, we also provide a super fast checkout process, which is just a three-click step. Each product on Lovzme has a ‘Best fit for Occasion’ and ‘Best fit for Body type’, so that consumers can be assured about their choice.

Any other features that you are looking at adding?

As mentioned earlier, we are a brand that believes in evolving for our buyers; hence we have many things planned for them.

How is the mobile affecting e-commerce as an industry? Do you have an app? Do you plan on launching one?

The mobile has helped in evolving the buying pattern of people. Lovzme gets around 83 per cent of its traffic through mobile phones. Also, Lovzme has its own app and after looking at the amazing response from our buyers, we are coming up with an advanced version of it, which is going to be one of its kind.

How has the response been since the website’s inception? What challenges do you face while marketing products online?

During our inception, the first challenge for us was to decide the right platform to make the shopping experience satisfying for our buyers. We explored various e-commerce platforms, tried and changed as we reviewed and considered suggestions from our buyers. And finally, we have made the website that fulfils our and our consumers’ goal in the most symbiotic way.

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Initially, our marketing strategy was to spread brand awareness. The challenge was, not getting many visits initially as we were new. But then we started to experiment with various mediums for it and, after trying various permutation and combinations, we figured out what works best for us and now we are on the roll.

How do you address fit issues when it comes to online shopping?

As mentioned earlier, Lovzme provides a fit calculator for its consumers to self analyse their size. All they need is a measuring tape, few measurements and rest our website will do for them.

How many orders do you ship in a day?

Lovzme ships around 100-150 orders per day.

Is there any future project that you would like to share with our readers?

Currently our whole focus is to advance our app to make the buying experience better.

Which marketplaces or online platforms do you sell on? Which do you prefer best and why?

Lovzme itself is a marketplace.


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Your future plans…

In future we plan to increase our offerings for our consumers and provide a platform to those brands that are not online yet and bring their awesome offerings to people. We aspire to become a one-stop shopping destination for Indian women.

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