Technology to track, reward wearers, by Tommy Hilfiger

August 23, 2018 written by
technology to track reward wearers by tommy hilfiger

Wearer’s locations can now be tracked and they would be awarded for choosing Tommy Hilfiger. This is the crux of the fashion designer’s new line of clothing, Xplore.

The range includes sweatshirts, hoodies and T-shirts that all have Bluetooth smart chip embedded in the tag. An app is used to pair the clothes, which then, will track where the clothes are worn and the user will be rewarded with points that can be used to get concert tickets or other merchandise.  This range was available on the brand’s website and at their flagship store in New York.  The line will also include hats, bags, jackets, and jeans and apart from tracking the time the wearer use the item, the brand is also looking at issuing challenges and telling users to wear the garment at specific locations.


However, Tommy Hilfiger has stated that they would not gather any customer information and only collect information about the usage of the products. Besides, customers can even opt out of using the chip by turning it off, if they wish.

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