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v-star shapewears


For women who like to flaunt their bodies by tucking in their bulges and cellulite

Presenting a slim look at first sight itself, this shapewear collection will fit both young ladies as well as middle-aged women equally. V-Star shapewears are available in M, L, XL and XXL sizes.

Made of uniquely-patterned cotton gusset, V-Star shapewear stretches just right to give the perfect support without making one feel uncomfortable. Designed to fully cover the stretch marks and wrinkles that appear on the tummy, V-Star shapewears will make all those who wear it look slim. Along with the seamless nature of the fabric, V Star shapewear is stitched to feel like a second skin to all those who wear it with no irritant seams. Being skin-coloured, the range will also fit naturally without revealing any undergarments put on underneath. V-Star shapewears are both light and easy to wear.



High Waist Panty (SW 1509)

Basically a tummy-tucker panty, this shapewear is designed to cover the entire top portion of the tummy. Fitted with a broad waist brand that flattens both tummy and waist, this range can be worn under any garment with ease.


Tummy Shaper (SW 1507)

A medium control griddle that can be worn across the middle of the waist and tummy, this shapewear ensures an attractive shape for the waist.


Low Waist Panty (SW 1508)

Made from high-quality stretch polyamide fabric, the low waist panty covers the entire waist, tummy and back without overly hugging the body.


Thigh Shaper (SW 1510)

Thigh shaper is an attractive panty that flattens both tummy and waist.

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