6IXTY8IGHT enters Web3 by introducing Bold Bunny NFTs

October 8, 2022 written by
bold bunny NFT

6IXTY8IGHT, the lingerie brand is set to enter Web3 with a launch of 2,000 unique Bold Bunny NFTs soon.

The collection is a part of the bran’s 20th anniversary celebrations and portrays a young woman’s coming-of-age journey in feeling empowered and self-confident. It supports the free, creative expression of style and beauty, according to the brand.
Owners will get the real-world utility value with this launch that also includes a limited edition merchandise drops, physical and digital asset products, shopping discounts, and also priority access to the label’s release of new collection or VIP events.

bold bunny NFT

6IXTY8IGHT also aims to deepen and extend its connections with its customers into the Web3 and virtual spaces through this launch.
The NFTs will be available in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Speaking about this new launch, Lander Isasi, CEO, 6IXTY8IGHT said, “This partnership with AX Studio, has not only led to a collaborative exchange of ideas, deepening our understanding of the potential of the metaverse, but more importantly will help us become more relevant to our Gen-Z customers.

The move into the metaverse seeks to provide an effective digital experience that enhances the way we serve our customers – as we continue to be part of the different stages in our 68 Girl’s life.”

Despite the current volatile market, the brand decided to launch the NFTs as it felt that the concept of creating unique digital assets is quite vital for a label and its community that is looking forward to entering Web3 in the long run. Besides, the brand discovered that about 69% of NFT owners are emotionally attached to their assets and, by 2025, the NFT market is slated to hit more than US$80 billion. 6IXTY8IGHT enters Web3 by introducing Bold Bunny NFTs

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