softandwet makes beautiful comfortable lingerie

January 13, 2023 written by


softandwet is on a mission to change the way we think of lingerie by creating pieces that are both aesthetically beautiful, but also incredibly comfortable.

softandwet is an independent label based out of Italy that is best known for its lingerie and swimwear. The brand’s frilled silk undergarments feature chic, modern silhouettes, but never sacrifice comfort for a particular style or shape. The brand also keeps things simple with more muted hues like deep greens, pastel blues, creams, and browns.

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And it’s not just comfort the brand is committed to. softandwet also puts ethical and eco-friendly practices at the forefront. softandwet sources its Italian fabrics locally and produces its garments in small batches to avoid waste. The brand also works with local artisan women to offer fair wages and safe working conditions.

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