For Ethos athleisure wear owner, inclusivity is key

February 6, 2023 written by

Encinitas-based athleisure wear brand Ethos is steering away from a “one size fits all” approach and catering to women of all shapes and sizes — just as its creator, Will Hunt, envisioned.


“I wanted to showcase real women, real body types and real skin tones,” said Hunt, who launched Ethos in 2017.
Hunt’s first foray into fashion began in 2015, when he moved from London to California and started Aptitude Apparel, a clothing line for men. Within two years, Hunt’s focus shifted toward women’s athletic wear and he began experimenting with fabrics and fits.


“I don’t know how this happened,” Hunt said he told himself, “(but) let’s make the most of it.”
He had a simple goal — to create products that were well made, affordable and make people feel good. The company rebranded as Ethos and success quickly followed.

Run by Hunt and his mother, Sarah, Ethos has a flagship store at 213 North Coast Highway in Encinitas where free monthly fitness classes are hosted and shoppers can try on the latest styles, including Ethos’ best-selling leggings.
There’s also an Ethos warehouse in San Marcos. Hunt has been able to further position his brand locally by teaming up with fitness studios like YogaSix, BXNG Club and Salt Hot Pilates for co-branding collaborations.

“One of the definitions of Ethos is a community of like-minded individuals,” Hunt said. “Inclusivity, quality and price are the three things we stick by.”

A pair of Ethos leggings start at $39 online and run from double extra small to triple extra large. On the company’s social media channels, people can see themselves in the clothing because it’s worn by others who look just like them.

“We … (photograph) different size women — real people,” he said. “That to me was very authentic for the brand and very authentic to who I am as a person.”

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