5 ways to avoid your innerwear lines

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No matter how good you look in that sultry body-con dress or your formal pants at work, that visible panty lines can be quite dreadful. It has the power to ruin your incredible OOTD. You can also go commando, if you are brave enough but if you prefer otherwise, here are few ways that can help you avoid those dreadful panty lines.

Choosing the right one

Make sure you buy the right fit. If you feel that the panty’s elastic is cutting into your skin, it means you have to go for a size bigger; otherwise it might leave marks on your skin. On the other hand, if you feel that there is too much fabric to it and the panties are not providing you proper bottom support, then it might be too big for you.


Now before you let out a gasp, thongs can be one of the most comfortable pieces of lingerie. They create no visible lines and are ideal when wearing body-con clothing. However, pairing them with low waisted bottoms is a complete no-no, as they might show up while sitting or squatting.

Boy Shorts


For those who dread wearing thongs, boy shorts can be a rescue. Boy shorts do not cut across your butt and therefore, panty lines are almost nil. Keep in mind that their seams can give you panty lines along the sides of your thighs. Avoid wearing boy shorts with leggings and body-con ensembles. Flowy skirts, denims work perfectly fine with these.

Go Seamless

As seamless panties does not have thick edges as other panties, there can be no visible lines. They are great to wear with any kind of clothing, but lack of edges might pose a problem of undies slipping out of place.



Another hack is to match your panty’s shade with your skin tone. Go for nudes, so that it does not show against light-colored clothing. Wearing dark underwear under light-colored clothing can be very unflattering.

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