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1 Store Review - Bebo Nightwear -

Simple, basic without any frills or fancy, this lingerie store for women offers everything a women would want in intimate wear. A store where women can freely converse and hold discussions with the personnel…it has an interesting range of nightwear, sportswear and of course lingerie. Bebo Nightwear in Surat is a place for all women by a woman, Mrs Priya Sharma.

Mrs Priya Sharma.

She believed she could, so she did’…this anonymous quote is what defines Mrs Priya Sharma aptly. “I had always been a working lady and after I left my job I couldn’t think of sitting idle. I wanted to start something of my own and along with my husband dived into research about what kind of business should I get into. We finally zeroed in on starting a lingerie store that catered to women and that’s how Bebo Nightwear was born,” Mrs Sharma says.

Launched in July 2016, this particular concept caught her eye as it involves woman-to-woman interaction. In most such stores, the salespeople are men and women tend to get uncomfortable sharing or discussing about their personal issues or problems (if any) with them. So, women can converse freely with women and tell them about their needs and what they want.

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The interiors and décor of the store though is very basic but quite inviting. A big red neon sign greets you at Bebo Nightwear as you step into the outlet. Two mannequins donning the latest in sleepwear stand tall, while some products are displayed on the glass as well. Insides, the furniture is made of basic aluminium racks with glass tops; products are stocked neatly in glass shelves and on the top shelf there are busts displaying more products (bras). White-tiled flooring and LED lighting enhance the look of the store, white the two trial rooms are a customer’s delight. “Our focus had always been on our stocks and hence we kept the interiors and décor very basic and to the minimum,” explains Mrs Sharma.

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We spoke to Mrs Priya Sharma, to know more about Bebo Nightwear her future plans and more. Excerpts from the interview…

How would you define your store in Surat ?

We keep brands such as Trylo, Enamor, Hemali, Lyra, Sunny, Bralux, Care In, etc. We keep nightwear, sports wear, lingerie only for women. So, it’s a women-centric store that aims to meet all her basic needs.

Do tell us the space in sq ft and the number of people (staff) in the store including the manager.

It is a two-storey outlet with two employees and myself, the proprietor. The store is spread over 600 sq ft.

What is the philosophy behind Bebo?

We looked at the concept of lingerie and so we started this outlet. When women go to a shop and if they want to purchase lingerie and mostly there are men at the counter and women cannot freely interact with them telling them about their requirement. But women can discuss freely with women about such things, hence the lingerie store.

What is the retail strategy planned and how it is being implemented to reach out to your customers?

In business there is no strategy in retail and we try to provide the customers what they want; we try to satisfy them. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of retail and we try to adhere to that.

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What makes for a good retail environment and how has this changed with the advent of online shopping?

In online, customers see the product on screen and the actual product, only once it arrives, that too there are apprehensions that it tends to be different. Whereas, for us, when customers come to us, we show them the actual product and customers get what they see as per the price range, quality, etc. People have also had some sour experiences while shopping online. Online did make a difference earlier, but now people are coming back to offline for their needs. With online people don’t have to physically go anywhere and it’s good for those who go for branded products However, there are others who prefer going to retail even today. So, according to me, online has really not made much of a difference to retail as both of them are completely different from each other.

What are your return policies when it comes to retail?

Within three days, a customer can return the product if they have an issue of size or quality. If it is soiled then we don’t accept but if the panty is intact with the price tag and packing, then we take it back. This is possible when someone has bought lingerie to give or gift someone and they don’t like the print or colour, etc.. In this case the product is still fresh in the package with the tag and hence we accept it.

What are your plans going ahead?

Now we are planning to make it a family shop; right now it is only for women though. To wrap it up, I would like to add that our customers are quite loyal, we get a good feedback and reviews and our customers always want to visit us. Even if we are not in town and our shop is closed for a few days, our customers wait for us to return and do not go to any other outlet.

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