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Popular leggings brand, Deepee Twister, which has existed since the past ten years, recently announced its association with actress and model Kriti Kharbanda. The pretty star is to be the face for Twister. LNL spoke to Navin Kumar Agarwal, Chairman, Deepeejay Twister about the brand, it’s collaboration with Kriti and their future plans.

“It has been ten years since the brand Deepee Twister was launched. We have been constantly evolving,” states Mr Agarwal. He adds that the brand has evolved at quite a brisk pace in the past 2-3 years. Explaining about the association with Kriti, Mr Agarwal further adds, “As we were diversifying the product range we felt the need to give a fresh face to the brand which goes in line with the newness of both the brands. We are honoured to have been associated with Kriti Kharbanda.”

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While on the brand’s choice of a movie star as its brands ambassador, the company believes that India with a population of over 1.25 billion is big and hence, there’s an aspirational quotient to the way a movie star looks, wears and carries herself. “Kriti has done a lot of movies down south and in the past few years she has become a popular face. We were looking for a fresh face for the brand and we feel our association will reap for the popularity of the brand,” Mr Agarwal tells us.

Besides, Kriti’s star power as a young and popular movie personality, he believes, is in sync with the ethos of the brand as well. “The diversifying product lines of the brand are in line with Kriti’s young and energetic personality. There is no better way to introduce new trends in fashion through a popular movie star. She has already been a famous star in the south and in the past few years her presence in Bollywood has brought a good response for her,” opines Mr Agarwal.

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So, Kriti would be endorsing both their brands—Deepee Twister and Pink ‘n’ Purple. The endorsements include the brand’s range of Leggings-Churidar and Ankle and Pants category—Knit Pants, Cotton Pants, Pencil Pants, and Straight Pants.

The brand also believes that having a famous celebrity onboard enhances brand value and market share. “India is huge and there are ‘n’ number of brands to choose from. Celebrity endorsements always enhance the brand equity. Expanding the market share is always there in the mind but it is secondary in nature. The long term focus is on enhancing the brand equity by connecting with the audience,” explains Mr Agarwal.

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When it came to challenges while collaborating with the star, the brand did not face any at all as Kriti was very co-operative. “Even at a personal level Kriti had been quite involved at the photoshoot so that our products are displayed well,” states the Chairman.

As for the methods and avenues of promotions that Twister would be adopting for this association, they would be campaigning through the product packaging,in-store brandings, hoardings, newspapers, magazines, electronic media,social media—Facebook, Instagram and their own portal.

Finally, speaking about the brand’s products’ market share in two years down the line, Mr Agarwal explains, “We are exploring a category of bottoms, which is still in an unorganised sector. So we can anticipate the market share as of now. We do expect multi-fold growth in the next two years.”

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