Athleisure Trends That Are In And Out For 2017

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Fashion trends are constantly changing. But it’s pretty clear sportswear isn’t going anywhere. Everyone from supermodels to high-end retailers have adopted the stylish gymwear-with-smart-tailoring look, and we couldn’t approve more. Looking at the number of companies that have since announced they are getting into the game, it’s fairly clear that athleisure is becoming bigger than a trend. Nike, Reebok and Adidas were all revealed as some of the most searched brands suggesting that we’re all totally into this sporty look. Models, actors and actresses from the likes of Gigi Hadid , Cara Delevingne, Deepika Padukone, Kendall Jenner, Alia Bhatt, Margot Robbie, Shraddha Kapoor to name a few have been inspiring many to embrace this trend.  International sensations like Kate Hudson, Julianne Hough, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and many more are wearing fabulously fashionable pieces from their own collections they designed themselves.

What is Athleisure ?

Casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. Cut Outs- Cutouts were a big trend in 2016, largely because activewear brands started experimenting with new techniques, using a laser to create strategically placed slits in leggings and crop tops. Activewear evolved into something sexier that could be worn at the gym and for a night out. women substituted crop tops for sports bras. Often paired with a high waisted legging, this trend is here to stay. Athleisure is comfortable, effortlessly cool, and easier to achieve than you think. You probably already have all of the pieces in your wardrobe, you just need to put them together. Here are some ways of adapting the active wear into a fashion statement.


Wrap a plaid shirt (or any button down) around your waist and add a baseball cap to leggings and sneakers – the shirt and cap are both trendy right now, and they elevate the sweats to make them look a little bit more accessorized. A huge part of nailing the athleisure trend is adding the right accessories. A glamorous bag is sometimes enough to make your sweats look more chic. One super simple way to go for athleisure rather than just gym wear is to swap your sneakers for cute sandals. Throwing on a chic sweater over your plain t-shirt and leggings can make a big difference. And it’s comfy!


One piece that makes any pair of sweats look instantly cooler is a leather jacket. Wear this with your matching color workout clothes on chilly days. You can also try adding a denim jacket, which is a little less glam, but still cute. A messy bun and a scarf tied around your neck add even more style to this outfit.  Wearing heels with a pair of sweats or jogger pants makes you look dressed up instantly. Opt for patterned or embellished leggings instead of plain black ones. They look a little bit more fun and intentional. Make your sporty separates count: opt for leather/pleather leggings instead of cloth, wear a cool mesh tank instead of cotton one, wrap a chambray shirt around your waist, and go for a bright crossbody bag instead of a gym bag. Little substitutes like this instantly elevate your look.

Sports Shorts

Sporty shorts? Add a printed graphic tee, some nice jewellery, cute sneakers, and a bright lip and you’re good to go.

Tropical prints

The turn of winter to spring always brings a crop of spring break-themed apparel, but this year tropical motifs—from palm trees and flowers to neoprene color-blocking in happy bights—will take center stage all year long.

Cut-outs and open-back tanks

Cut-outs have been showing up on red carpet A-listers for months, so it was only a matter of time before they showed up on bikes and treadmills, too. It’s fashion, sure, but there’s a real element of function here—hello, breathability. Look for chic laser-cut necklines and intricately designed backs on your go-to workout tops.

 lacenlingerie_Cassie Daves

Performance bralettes and crop tops

Over the past year activewear brands stepped up their game in the sports bra department, with cuts that were both comfortable and super supportive. And in 2017,  it’s looking like they’ll also finally be cute. That means technical-but-chic bralettes and crop tops that won’t sacrifice performance for style.

The oversized sweatshirt

The oversized sweatshirt trend started at the tail end of 2016, but it’s only gaining steam: Think tons of new brands getting in on the action (from Zara to Forever21 to Mango). Plus, the workout classic is getting a dressy update with luxe fabrics and delicate embellishments. Keep things much more casual by wearing yours with leggings and sneakers. The key to keeping this stylish is to pick a textured sweatshirt, and add chic accessories like a hat, clutch, and nice jewellery. Oversized parkas and silk bombers have exploded as the trendy fashion piece that pairs flawlessly with leggings. Next year, the trend will pick up across activewear brands and become outfitted with technical fabrics and specs that you can wear whether you’re sprinting on the sidewalk or on your way to your next meeting.




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