Belle De Jour, Last Signature Maison Close

February 19, 2018 written by
Belle De Jour signature maison

Belle de jour, last signature of this line in  confidential Maison Close, is a collection that is sculptural and voluptuous.

The duo tulle and microfibre sheathing, looks seamless and shapewear, plays with the codes of appearance  and transparency. Belle de jour was imagined as a tribute buxom silhouettes, to offer comfort and sensuality to those who adorn themselves with it, and by proposing a greater variety of sizes.


In order to awaken passion and satisfy the senses, the lingerie Belle de jour is as sweet as it is suggestive, thus marking the return of unavoidable pieces Maison Close: waist-belt garter belt, shorty and high-waisted thong, bodysuit, and topless dress.


With a will, that of redrawing nudity and its silhouette, Belle de Jour is resolutely sensual and delicate. Make your curves your ultimate asset in seduction.


The mesh and sheath microfiber duet, seamless and shapewear, plays with appearances, and transparencies. Beautiful day was designed as an tribute to curvy figures, wishing to offer comfort and sensuality to one who adorns herself with it sizes.


To awaken passion and satisfy all senses, day designs are as smooth as suggestive, marking the return of essentials with garter belt, high-waisted shorty and thong split, naked breast bodysuit and dress.


With the ambition of preconceiving nudity and the Muse silhouette, Beautiful day radiates with delicacy and sensuality. Make your curves your most seductive asset.

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