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It’s time to make those uncomfortable, wire poking bras a distant memory with these new age bralettes. Bra wearing has come a long way from that age old uncomfortable corsets to the stylish, worn-to-be-flaunted bralettes. You don’t have to worry about your bra straps peeping out in public anymore, infact, you can flaunt them in style with bralettes.

From high profile celebrities such as Kim Kardarshian West, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski to several famous fashion influencers, all are currently inspiring us to embrace the latest lingerie-as-outerwear trend. So, let’s have a look where we can find these bralettes in India and what is the market like.

So, what is a Bralette exactly?

A bralette is a soft cupped, wire free alternative to a standard bra. They can be called a hybrid between bra and a crop top. Bralettes, have functionality like a normal bra but they are also socially acceptable to be flaunted in public.

Brand Offerings

Innerwear brands such as Triumph, Amante, Enamor, Envie, Candyskin, Salient, Zivame, Clovia and Pretty Secrets offer latest styles and various designs in bralettes.

Triumph‘s latest collection offers Infinite Sensation Bralette with microfiber cup lining and soft-stretch mesh trims, which is available at INR 1699. For women who prefer a padded option, they have the Lovely Micro Lace Bralette with thin pads, broad side bands and lace detailing, priced at INR 1499. Lastly for the lace lover, they have the Lace Spotlight Bralette featuring soft tulle fabric and delicate lace with scalloped edges, available at INR 1899.

Triumph - 1        Triumph - 2

In addition, Triumph also has a few bestselling Bralette styles in its international line-up which they look forward to bring to Indian consumers in 2020. Featuring extremely elastic 360 stretch material, wireless support and offering seamless invisibility for a perfect fit, this range of bralettes adapt to the body and give the feeling of not wearing anything at all.

Envie from its gorgeous collection offers two popular bralette styles named ALISHA which is a cut seam bra available in the market at INR 499 and NYSSA, a moulded bralette which is available at INR 619.


Candyskin‘s latest collection offers stylish and chic bralette styles with stretchy floral lace such as MTV Deep Neck Bralette, MTV Super Girl Bralette, MTV Lightly Lined Bralette, MTV Crop Bralette available in the market at INR 1299.

Candy skin      Candy skin - 2

Zivame‘s trendy bralettes collection includes Lacy Padded, Non-wired Bralette that ensures full support throughout the day, Lace Non-Padded Plunge Bralette that oozes of sexiness, making you look extremely gorgeous, Halter Style Bralette that can be worn it like a crop top, Lace Padded Non-Wired Racer back Bralette and Lace Non-Padded Underwired Bralette for those who need extra support at the bosom and need to sneak out to the bathroom at regular intervals to adjust their bra.

Stand out pieces from the collection includes Zivame Sensual Stir Wirefree Plunge Neck Bralette available in the market at INR 1299, Zivame Urban Leisure Lace Double Layered Wirefree Bralette priced at INR 999, Zivame Sensual Stir Wirefree Plunge Neck Bralette priced at INR 1299 and Zivame Made-to-Layer Longline Bralette available at INR 1495.

The young, fun and sexy online lingerie brand Pretty Secrets offers various and latest designs in bralettes such as Sexy Lace Plunge Bralette priced at INR 999, Sexy Lace Front Open Bralette with supersoft lace trimmed layer that not only provides you comfort but also amplifies your style quotient. It is available in the market at INR 899.

Popular bralette styles among consumers

To know what styles in bralettes are the most popular among consumers, we contacted few lingerie retailers across the country. A prominent retailer from Mumbai said that the styles such as lacy bralettes, cage, high necks, sports bralettes, from brands like Triumph, Enamor and Amante are most popular among consumers.

Whereas another retailer from Kolkata, says that strapless, backless and tube bralettes are more in demand in his store.

Consumer Demographic

According to him, bralettes are more purchased by youngsters belonging to the age group of 18-35 yrs.

Umesh Vasisth

Mr Umesh Vasisht, Director of Gopalsons Pvt Ltd agrees with them saying, “Bralettes have highest demand among consumers belonging to the age group of 18-25 years whereas there is a moderate demand among consumers belonging to age group of 25-35 years.”

The fashion of bralettes are majorly common in the age group of 18-25. Nowadays, with upcoming trend in bralettes the age group is increasing till early 30’s too.

Segment Growth

According to Ms Shweta Verma, Head of Marketing, Triumph International, India and Sri Lanka, bralette sales have shown significant growth of 40-45 per cent in the last two years. Elaborating on the factors behind the segment growth she adds, “One of the biggest reason for the growth of the bralette trend is that women are prioritizing their comfort above all else. They have more comfortable, relaxed approach to lingerie. We have seen a change in consumer demand from underwired/padded styles to soft, wire-free bralettes.

Unlike T-shirt bras, with their high, rounded shape, bralettes create a soft, gentle silhouette that’s emerging as a new style norm. One has to remember that since bralettes offer lesser support (as compared to traditional bras), they are mostly preferred by younger women and those with smaller cup sizes. Additionally, the lightweight comfort offered by bralette styles combined with the ‘athleisure’ trend has aided this growth. bralettes are often worn as one of the items in the on-trend ‘layered’ look with open back tops or under long jackets, or can even be worn as a top itself.”

Anupama Vanik

Ms Anupama Naresh Vanik, Vice President of Saanvi Clothing Private Limited (Envie) says that bralettes segment has seen growth of 40 per cent in the past one year. “I feel that the flexibility and comfort of this style has added an extra feature for a bralette. A woman can easily wear it under her evening backless wear or a translucent tee without hesitating. It offers immense comfort, as well as shape and of course creates a style statement,” adds Ms Vanik.

Riya Kalra

According to Ms Riya Kalra, Co-founder of Candyskin, there has been a 50 per cent growth in the overall sales of bralettes. She attributes this growth to international market exposure which has significantly contributed to the exponential growth in the market.

Retailers too agree with brands in terms of the segment growth. According to them, during the year 2017-2018 brands initially came up with bralettes and within the course of one year, the percentage has increased somewhere between, 15-20 per cent. They further adds, “This percent rate will increase in due time with the increasing demand and variations in bralettes.”

Talking about factors affecting the growth, Social media is one of the biggest attribution towards the increase of bralettes. The young generation is moving towards more of fashionable lingerie. The cage bralettes, lacy bralettes, front opening ones for backless dresses all this are coming from celebrities and people from the fashion industry.

Bralettes Article - 6     Bralettes Article - 4

Also, since the youth is more into fitness today, that is the reason for sports bralettes doing well. Earlier sports bras were very basic and now it is more of trend, along with style. Previously bralettes came only in small sizes and now they are available in sizes 38 and 40. There are different varieties in bralettes in all cup and band sizes as well, so women of all age groups can explore various bralette options.

The growth of bralettes which started from urban centers has spread to smaller towns as well.

According to Mr Vasisht, they have had a growth of 30 per cent in the last one year. He attributes this growth to the changing trends and the growing popularity of fancy innerwear.

Road Ahead

Anticipating the future of the segment, Ms Verma says, “We don’t see the trend slowing down any time soon, it is only going to get bigger and better. Bralettes have featured in many top designers’ Spring Summer ’20 runways, be it lace versions or completely sheer ones. We predict that soon bralettes will not only be the preferred underwear choice for the younger generation, but it will also be embraced by those who are looking for a little more support.

Bralettes Article - 5

More and more brands will start designing bralettes in plus sizes for fuller women who want the same comfortable styles. The technology-driven intimate apparel industry is always looking for new innovations and as such bralettes are bound to evolve further using proven materials such as power mesh in newer forms.”

According to Ms Vanik, Bralette is going to succeed in a big way for sure. “Women have started exploring new designs which they expect to come with best comfort with trendiness added to it. Exposing bra straps or the back straps are no more a taboo and is well accepted by the generation now. We have plans to scale up to padded bralette very soon which will have an excellent feature which will make a woman love her body,” she explains.

Bralettes Article - 1        Bralettes Article - 3

Ms Kalra of Candyskin says, “The market demand changes with current trends and preferences. The market is bound to reach new levels of technology incorporation and ease of utility in the next one year.”

Even retailers agree with the brands that bralettes are here to stay. The market of bralettes has increased in the past year and will grow exponentially in the future. Women will have more affordable bralette options as now even small brands have started offering various options and styles in bralette at moderate prices.

As per several reatilers and manufacturers who are witnessing a growing demand for bralettes, more number of Indian manufacturers would focus on this segment. As of now, there is larger collection from the international market.”

So to conclude, we can say that bralette’s popularity is gradually increasing with the increase in social media influence as well as consumer’s preference towards comfort and style. Earlier, your bra strap showing in public was found to be offensive but now with changing times it has become a style statement. Bralettes are now flaunted as crop top on jeans or skirts. This clearly states that bralettes future in India is quite bright.

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