Brand O2 Makes Customers Model For Their Collections

May 13, 2016 written by
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Fashion shoots involve a large sum of money, which in turn means handling models, extensive shoots and of course shelling out a large sum of money to pay remuneration to the models and paying for the photographers for the advertisements and then publicity of the same requires media planning and therefore spending out a decent amount to reach out to the world. Handling these financial burdens for any new garment company does not only mean a big responsibility but also requires one to foresee the future profits, so that they get back what they spend out. With this thought and planning, a Chinese lingerie company has largely circumvented this issue by crowd sourcing its new commercials.

Shanghai company O2 appealed  to its customers to send in high-quality photographs of themselves modelling the brand’s luxury lingerie. If the photos fit the bill and create some aura then, they are used in promotional material for the brand. Rather than being paid for their efforts, the customers whose photos get selected receive one free set of lingerie for every three sets they model for O2.

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This smart move ensures that O2 saves bundles of cash, that they would typically have spent on paying models, make-up artists, lighting technicians and professional photographers to carry out photo shoots. About 500 customer models who had sent in photos of themselves until now, O2 almost receives  about five new applications every day. The applications come from every corner of China and the women from different walks of life, send in the photos to the brand, showing off their lingerie buys.

The brand has mentioned that their plan for this program was based on the idea of letting users share glimpses from their personal experience. Which could on the other hand woo new customers to invest in brand 02. Despite the fact that the customer photos are not the result of typical professional photo shoots, the ones displayed on the O2 website do not look shoddy or sloppy. This shows that the women are really taking the brand’s effort seriously and are thereby taking time to click the best clicks!
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