Brugnoli official fabric supplier for Freddy

December 21, 2017 written by
Brugnoli official fabric supplier for freddy

Brugnoli, an Italian textile company focused on elastic knit fabrics dedicated to fashion, swimwear, lingerie and sports., has been announced as the official fabric supplier for Freddy, an international leader in the synthetic fibre market with the production and distribution of polyamide 6.6 and coated elastomers in the textile and technical sector.

The Brugnoli fabrics created for Freddy as part of its 100 per cent Made in Italy collection are a true fusion of sports and fashion: a combination of style and technical features for a market which demands style alongside performance and comfort.

The highlight of 100 per cent Made in Italy collection by Freddy is Br4 fabric, a technology by Brugnoli based on an eco-sustainable production process with a low water consumption and low levels of CO2 emissions. With this process Brugnoli has created top quality fabrics based on the revolutionary 100 per cent organic-based polyamide yarn EVO by Fulgar which conveys important technical properties such as thermal isolation, odour control and quick drying. The garments that constitute this 100 per cent Made in Italy collection are eleven, which are characterised by a great fit and models refined in every detail, together with new and specifically-designed elements. The jacquard fabric becomes three-dimensional and is obtained with electronic looms able to maintain its texture unchanged over time, with an ultra-matte ‘scuba” effect: a classic of athleisure reinterpreted in a modern way; another important protagonist is jersey in gold lurex, created by the blend between viscose and yarn dye: fashion and sport in one fabric, which is the result of a careful study of materials and details, a company press release stated.

The new garments are completed by the ”Made in Italy” logo that features on every item of clothing, together with three small hearts that wear the colours of the Italian flag.

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