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April 1, 2017 written by
Candyskin_banner_image is India’s largest online lingerie destination. Every great brand starts with passionate, visionary CEO’s like these sisters, Founder- Richa Vipan Kalra and Co- Founder Riya Vipan Kalra. They have revolutionised the lingerie industry and brought it out of the closet with a following of over 5,00,000 women across India. Candyskin was born to give the ladies a breathtaking experience. They found that the Indian lingerie market was sorely lacking a product for women like themselves: Cool, fashion-savvy women who aren’t looking for boring basics but also aren’t looking to splurge on luxury lingerie but can obtain the same fit, look and feel. They wanted to give birth to the fabulous X-factor feeling and experience that was always missing.



“It wouldn’t have existed had my younger sister, Riya and I not gotten a chance to see how sophisticated the high street shopping experience was internationally. We could not believe the lingerie brands around the world conducted themselves so flawlessly, every time we shopped, we would be tempted to buy the entire shop. We used the term ‘candies’ for lingerie , we wanted all of them. We always wondered, why is everything so amazing abroad and we don’t have this in India? Since I was young, I had that very moment decided to enter the high street market space after completing my education.” says, Richa Kalra.

That’s how Candyskin was born. #ForWomenByWomen, they ticked all the boxes that they thought were missing, From the look and feel to the fit and touch, Candyskin planned to have it all. They have succeeded to create the premium feel factor. their designs, patterns, colors, brand name, everything was born according to the international standards. Our price points start from 500 INR to 2500 INR, we work on creating fashionable lingerie which is highly comfortable with a great fit and lots of love.

Riya Kalra comments, “We have entered the market with a whole new bunch of pop colours and styles. We are currently concentrating a lot on seamless panties and fancy bras. We have covered push-ups, tshirt bras, Demi and unlined and non padded bras in a very elegant manner. We also do the styles in around 17sizes , we cater upto size 40D for now. We wanted to create something special, something magical. After all, buying lingerie is not just regular shopping. Its a way to be delicious, a way to be you. Candyskin, your second skin.”


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