Change is Courage.

June 20, 2022 written by

On the 4th of April, MAS issued a statement expressing support for our citizen’s right to participate in peaceful protests and the freedom of expression.
Given the ensuing events, MAS reiterates the need for immediate and decisive action to resolve the current economic and social crisis, in a peaceful and sustainable manner. As a responsible organization, we unconditionally support the call for change and good governance, and earnestly request the nation’s leaders to heed the voice of the people and act on it, whilst respecting legal and constitutional due process.
As the largest private-sector employer and exporter in Sri Lanka, MAS is also acutely aware of our role in maintaining the stability of Sri Lanka’s economy. To this end, it is crucial that we focus on delivering on our commitments to our customers without disruption, to protect the livelihoods of our 92,000 associates, their families, and the country.
The apparel industry has been the lifeblood of Sri Lanka’s economy through many turbulent and crucial junctures in our history. We remain confident that together, we can overcome this crisis, and bring about lasting change to build our country back, better.
As always, MAS is supporting our communities island-wide during this time of hardship through our social outreach programs by assisting those that are the most adversely affected by the crisis.
To all Sri Lankans – Be safe and be strong.

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