Fabric manufacturers collaborate with Roica Eco SmartTM family to present high performance fabrics at Performance Days, Munich

December 31, 2019 written by
Roica Eco Smart

Leading fabrics manufacturers such as CIFRA S.p.A., Maglifico Ripa S.p.A., Piave Maitex S.r.l., TINTEX Textiles S.A., etc collaborated with Roica Eco SmartTM family to create ultimate collections combining comfort, movement and responsibility.

CIFRA S.p.A. presented a unique blend of ROICA V550 premium stretch sustainable fiber and Amni® Soul Eco with enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula. This unique developed fabric is fully bio-degradable and its unique composition allows bacteria to gain access and fully digest the waste materials in just 5 years.

Maglifico Ripa S.p.A. presented new intimate, beachwear, athleisure and sportswear developments by blending the most advanced sustainable fibres woth the premium stretch fibre, ROICA EF: EVO® by Fulgar to produce out of water fabrics, new ribs for swimwear, interlock with waste needle, special interlocks with Q-NOVA® by Fulgar, a series of Tencel™ articles, a selection of proposals with Sensil® Ecocare by Nilit and innovative and precious 3D jacquard.

Piave Maitex S.r.l. presented “AGAIN” fabric collection which is a smart and technically advanced line of highly performing jerseys. This high performance line of jerseys was created by blending premium stretch fibre ROICA EF and perPETual high quality sustainable polyester from post consumer waste PET bottles.

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