Fashionable maternity wear to don when you are expecting

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Pregnancy is one of the most challenging yet beautiful phase of a woman’s life. Instead of hiding that growing baby bump, all mothers-to-be should flaunt it proudly and in style.

Dos and Don’ts while you are expecting


  • Go for large and comfortable clothing
  • Use pants and skirts with a waistband that keeps the belly tight and which adapts as the belly grows
  • Opt for underwear made with cotton and natural fibres
  • As the abdomen grows, opt for more comfortable special pregnancy panties that are available in the market.
  • Avoid wearing heels in footwear and opt for more flats


  • Do not use rough and rigid tissues which can lead to skin irritations
  • If you are wearing socks, use those which do not compress and allows good blood circulation
  • During hot weather, avoid wearing dark colours

To help you further in choosing the right clothes for yourself, Goldstroms presents to you the following comfortable yet stylish maternity wear that you can rock all your three trimesters.

1. Maternity Kurti/Gown


Ethnic wear is a perfect choice for maternity wear as they are loose and comfy. The trendy yet classy maternity kurtis are a must have for every mom-to-be out there. They are perfect for almost all occasions whether it be in office or family get together or any function you want to attend. Pair this Indian style attire with leggings and you are good to go.

2. Maternity Capri Pants


Feel like dressing up casual for work because of bad morning sickness? Well, worry no more, Goldstorms offers you a maternity capri pants with wide range of sizes to suit your baby bump. Wear this comfortable yet stylish capri with a kurti or a top for that perfect casual look. You can even wear them during your yoga sessions.

3. Maternity Tops


These maternity tops by Goldstorms are the most comfortable for any occasions. It’s soft cotton finish provides you that soft feel against your skin and its fashionable at the same time. Pair them with Maternity Capri Pants or any leggings and make a style statement.

4. Maternity Leisure Wear


Sleep with comfort and ease in this Maternity nightwear. These gowns are perfect for relaxing at home and are even useful during breast-feeding after the birth of the baby. They are available in various bright, pastel colours and prints so that you don’t have to compromise on fashion for comfort.

Also, check out the latest collection of nightgowns by Golstorms available in various vibrant colours. Watch the video below.

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