Fundawear: Touch Over The Internet By Durex

November 7, 2017 written by
Durex Fundawear 'touch the internet'

Long-distance relationship and many aspects of it can be extraordinarily difficult. We’ve learned that while long-distance relationships are hard, having hundreds of miles between you and your partner can actually have a mind-blowing effect on your sex life. Of course, dry spells can be difficult whether or not you’re in a relationship, but it’s especially infuriating when you know you could be with the person you love if only you could teleport to their bed. Durex wants to fill that void where couples miss their significant others intimate presence. We would have never expected a company that sells condoms would one day start selling a revolutionised underwear. Durex has just announced its latest innovation. Fundawear.

Fundawear from Durex allows touch to be transferred over the internet. Fundawear is the world’s first wearable technology which allows personal touch to be transferred from a smartphone app to a partner anywhere in the world. Fundawear represents the condom company’s first foray into the land of connected devices, and the name explains quite well how it works. You put on special (read: vibrating) underwear that connects to a smartphone app. You can control the vibrations yourself with a smartphone as a remote, or pair the panties with your partner’s smartphone, so they can control the fun.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that long-distance sexy time has been explored by the tech community. There are a whole host of startups, as well as established sex toy brands, that are working to connect people digitally and physically at the same time.

Designed in partnership with Havas and Durex, Fundawear combines existing and new technologies to create a brand new way of transferring touch wirelessly over vast distances. From here it is transferred to the Fundawear garment where the touch sensation is recreated on the skin. This all happens in a split second so the experience is very natural. Fundawear allows couples to tease, tickle and tantalise – even when they are apart. Fundawear comes in both male and female versions, The Fundawear undies and app companion aren’t available just yet.


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