India’s first scented vest line to be launched by Varun Dhawan for Lux Cozi

April 18, 2019 written by
Varun Dhawan launch lux cozi new product scented vest

Lux Cozi recently launched a range of scented vest in innerwear to fight the rising temperatures and feel refreshed.

A first in India in the innerwear segment, this line was launched by Lux Cozi’s brand ambassador, the popular Bollywood star Varun Dhawan.

Mr Ashok Todi, Chairman, Lux industries Ltd., Mr Pradip Todi, Managing Director, Lux Industries Ltd. and Mr Navin Todi, Senior Vice President, Lux Industries Ltd., were also a part of the glittering do, along with Varun Dhawan.
The brand itself, with this new range, takes a great leap to create value-based products while also maintaining the aspiratioal and essential style quotient in the country. The scented vests are truly revolutionary in the Indian market, though the product is the outcome of months or research and development. Since India is a tropical country and people perspire excessively due to the hot climate, these scented vests would help them face fresh always. Besides, even after continued washes, these vests retain their scent.

Mr Ashok Todi, Chairman, Lux Industries Ltd., while speaking about the new range said that Lux Industries was always passionate about bringing interesting innovation in their products while also focussing on ideas that matches with their brand attributes. He added that the company has pioneered several first and with this new product they were all set to excite and surprise the market trends during the summers. He also beleives that this product will change major things in the sector and would create its own segment as well.

Mr Pradip Todi, Managing Director, Lux Industries Ltd., mentioned that in the economy to the mid-segment, Lux Cozi was one of the most popular brand and also the largest market share holder. He too stated that the company was always open to revolution and advancement in their product range, as a core business strategy. Besides, the scented vests would amp up the style quotient as well as help the wearers remain fresh always in the hot weather. Also, Lux Cozi promises durability with strong stitches as it is crafted out of the best and finest cotton, which also makes it supremely comfortabel and stylish. The use of 100 per cent cotton to create these scented vests ensures day long freshness and breathability as well, he added.

Varun Dhawan launches Scented Vest for Lux Cozi

Mr Navin Todi Senior Vice President, Lux Industries, while explaining the launch of the new product by Varun Dhawan stated that in the coming quarters, Lux Industries was planning a great strategic intervention in both the rural and urban markets. Hence, the changing dynamics of the hosiery industry was the focus of the marketing initiatives and positioining of the brands. He added that the company has always been leading any changes in market offerings as it has always been at the forefront. He also thanked Varun Dhawan for being a a part of the brand and that the star’s he was endeared by all, especially by the youth for his inimitable style and fashion sense.

Varun, on his association with the campaign said that quality, comfort ad durability were synonymous with Lux Cozi and he was very excited to be a part of the launch of this new product. He believes that the new innovative product will certainly revolutionise the vest game with the onset of summer. Varun also hopes that the audience would love the extremely creative ad campaign, which is also designed equally creatively, as well as love the new product.

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