Introducing new ocean protection swimwear innovation

October 19, 2023 written by
Hoysung Fishtail

Hoysung Fishtail

Hyosung and Hung Yen Knitting & Dyeing have partnered to create a sustainable swimwear fabric called N850 FishTale. This swimwear material is made from an 80/20 blend of Hyosung regen ocean 100% post-consumer nylon, which is produced from discarded fishing nets, and RCS-certified 100% recycled creora regen elastane.

FishTale fabric contributes to ocean protection efforts by recycling fishing nets into sustainable materials, reducing CO2 emissions by 73%, fossil resource use by 75.7%, and water consumption by 98.6% compared to conventional nylon, according to an independent Life Cycle Assessment. The collaboration aims to meet the demand for sustainable, inclusive, functional, and feminine intimate apparel materials and designs.

The company also noted that intimate brands are leading the way in diversity and inclusivity by offering undergarments that are gender fluid, offer a broad range of skin tones and sizes, and embrace body positivity. Women also want their undergarments to have a touch of femininity and glamour. With the return of socialising and dressing up, lingerie is becoming a bit fancier again with paired-back simplicity, see-through and sheer mesh fabrics, and lace.

To meet these trends, Hyosung presented the following fibre innovations at the show. – creora bio-based elastane: USDA and SGS-certified elastane made with 30% renewable resource – creora EasyFlex elastane: soft stretch elastane. This soft stretch lends to more flexible fit and simplified sizing. – creora color+ elastane: acid/reactive dyeable elastane for deeper all over colour without grin-

through. – regen askin, regen aqua-x: multi-function, 100% recycled polyester and nylon yarns delivering cooling rapid absorption and quick-drying benefits.

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