Invista delivers sheer solution for hosiery

April 20, 2016 written by
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INVISTA has introduced a new Lycra Fibre technology for the growing sheer hosiery segment.

Launched at the fourth bi-annual Lycra Fibre Moves conference in Como, Italy,’ Super Summer Sheer’ has been engineered to provide a hosiery solution for women, which covers imprecations on their legs, creating a “better than bare” look that is more durable than current product offerings.

The technology has been designed to feel like a second skin and provide low compression with no sagging and bagging after use. INVISTA developed Super Summer Sheer after finding that women globally are looking for hosiery that is ultra sheer and comfortable to wear in the summer. It also found that the two major areas of consumer dissatisfaction in hosiery are durability and overall comfort.

The company has claimed that by delivering sheerness with lasting fit, barely felt hosiery they have not only optimized the durability but is also positioning the same as ‘better-than-bare’. This they are able to achieve through the anti-laddering FUSION technology on super transparent sheer hosiery with super high resistance.

The company had tested the same with woman and Eighty-five women wear tested a concept garment made using the new technology and the majority (81%) of participants said the garment gave them a better-than-bare look. Over three quarters (76%) of wearers said the tights felt like a second skin, 71% experienced no sagging and bagging and 85% found the garment to be more durable than their usual sheer tights.

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