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For those who hoard socks, know it: this obsession is real. And for them, there’s no such thing as too many socks. And don’t be shocked if we have a pair of socks for each day of the year!

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From signing up for multiple socks subscription services to receiving socks as gifts as well from folks – we’re always looking for excuses to buy one more pair.

Socks can feel like an afterthought. They’re an accessory that’s not generally a major part of your wardrobe. But the right pair can make all the difference, whether it’s to help avoid blisters, prevent your feet from sweating, add much-needed cushioning during long days on your feet or trap heat in cold weather to keep your toes toasty warm. Nowadays, you can find all types of socks, from everyday no-show and crew options in solids and patterns, to specialty socks like those meant to provide extra cushioning for hiking, extra grip for workouts or even moisture-wicking while running. And while you’d most likely never plan an entire outfit around them, consider treating yourself to a quality pair that’ll last and skip the ratty socks that have seen better days.

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For those obsessed, we’ve curated a list of comfortably cool socks. So, better bookmark this on

If you want to glam up your feet with funky yet everyday wearable socks, then Supersox is the brand for you. It is a brand that caters to men’s fashion needs by offering quality yet stylish socks. All their socks are highly durable and comfortable while being quirky and sophisticated.  In addition to having colourful designs, all of its products are reasonably priced, making it a terrific business to check out.

Their ankle-length and crew length socks are ideal to go with sneakers and casual shoes and casual outfits. Made with anti-slip material, they provide good grip and feel comfortable. The range of socks are priced between INR 150 to INR 220, of 3 at INR 499 and pack of 6 for INR 2999.

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Prominent Features of the Supersox Socks:
• Features smart stitching to ensure great comfort and functionality
• Made with cotton blended material for that utmost comfort
• These socks keep moisture and sweat away from the feet
•Designed with soft gripping elastic for a better fit

Jockey brand of innerwear is a doyen of the industry. This company is dedicated to delivering quality, comfort, style, innovation, and value. It features an outstanding selection of trendy, environmentally friendly socks in ankle, quarter, mid-calf, and low-calf lengths. The socks from this company are of exceptional quality and come in a wide range of colours. The range is priced at INR 149 to INR 179 only which makes this brand another budget friendly company.

Prominent Features of Jockey Socks:
• Offering the highest level of natural comfort, soft modal
• Elastane body for the most stretch and comfort
• Smooth toe seam eases irritability
• You stay dry and cool with quick-dry.
• Anti-odour products help you feel fresh all day.

Walking about all day? Grab a pair of Brown Zig-Zag Socks by the brand DaMENSCH. Aloe vera finish for organic odour control. Infused with moisturizing, softening complex infused. A good compression is provided by the ribbed construction. DaMENSCH is the best option for those who value style and adaptability because of its versatility. This company offers a wide range of products, including socks for daily use made of the best materials. Priced at INR 449.

Prominent Features of the DaMENSCH Socks:
• This assortment of plush cotton socks is ideal for all occasions.
• The calf length of these socks makes them perfect for formal attire.
• Aloe vera is used to give socks a natural anti-odour finish.
• Have a flat toe seam and a ribbed mouth for comfort.

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Bonjour Men Multi-coloured Designer Cotton Loafer Socks
In the summer season going sockless leads to sweat and odour & for this Bonjour presents Men cotton no show socks with Anti-Slip Silicon grip on Heel. We all want to go sock less when it’s too hot out. If you like the shoe without showy ankles, so buy these cotton comfy show liner socks and end up slipping off of the socks while walking. Available at INR. 640. (pack of 4)

Prominent Features of Bonjour Socks:
Compact cotton stretch socks with all-day comfort.
• Material Composition: Cotton, Spandex, and Nylon.
• Comfortable no-show socks with full body stretch.
• No Odour- Yarns that effectively
remove unpleasant odours from embarrassing stinky feet.
• A powerful moisture-wicking cotton that is incredibly comfortable for casual wear keeps your feet dry.

Uturn Socks completes your look and keep your feet comfortable throughout your day. They aim to design pieces that are versatile and can be dressed up or down, allowing our consumers to feel confident and stylish in any setting. Designed to give your feet the fit and support you deserve, these melange socks are breathable and lightweight too. These classy and elegant pieces of artistic craftsmanship are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Check out Style Uturn socks style men’s full leg terry socks. Available at INR 165 per pair.

Prominent Features of Uturn Socks:
• Made using premium Cotton and Spandex
• Extra strength in toe and heel for comfort.
• Elastane welt for firm ‘no-sag’ grip
• Terry inside for superior cushioning & absorbency

Each pair of VIP socks is made with the highest grade cotton elastane fabric, which is sourced from the best of class spinning factories in India.

FRENCHIE PO4 STRIPE DESIGN-11 Ankle cut assorted cotton socks. To guarantee a solid grip and endure normal wear and tear, high-quality, long-lasting rubber made from elastane is utilized. Available for INR 518.

Prominent Features of Vip Frenchie Men’s Socks:
•Fabric Composition : Cotton Elastane
•Ankle length socks extends above
the shoe line
•Elastic: Premium Elastic for Superior
Grip and Durability
•High quality material makes these .
ankle socks soft and comfortable
•Keep your feet dry throughout the

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