Kplus One Percent designs a new line  of sanitary Panties

November 28, 2018 written by
kplus one percent designs ''A new line of sanitary panties''

Japan a very fashion-conscious country,  to meet those needs, the country’s lingerie designers churn out a steady stream of inventive designs, allowing women to wear something sexy, playful, or just simply fun almost every day.

But when it’s that time of the month, even stylish Japanese women generally slip on nondescript sanitary panties. However, fashion brand K Plus One Percent (which also renders its name as K+1%), thinks this is a wasted opportunity.

“When our periods come, our bodies are tired, and our hearts are gloomy,” the company says. “Wouldn’t it help us feel better if we could find a way to still have fun with our sanitary lingerie, just like we do the rest of the month?” And so was born K Plus One Percent’s line of sexy, sporty lingerie that’s meant to be worn when you’re on your period.

With its daring straps and bands, the sporty and sexy design fits with K Plus One Percent’s goal of helping women feel even a bit more beautiful (kirei in Japanese) and/or cute (kawaii).

At the same time, the bra and panty set is made out of soft, stretchable velour, to keep the wearer comfortable during the days when she’s most sensitive to the unpleasantness of constricting or chafing garments.

Despite their unique appearance, the panties are made with a material appropriate to their role as sanitary shorts, and are suitably durable to withstand any heavy-duty washing or scrubbing they might require.

Three different colors are offered: black, smoky pink, and mustard. While the tops appear to be identical, each color’s panties have a slightly different design, with the mustard pair having a front waistline cut-out, the smoky pink the greatest exposed hip area, and the black version sporting an asymmetrical design.

Mixing and matching is easy to do, as the bras and panties are sold separately, with the tops priced at 4,500 yen (US$41) and the bottoms 3,500 yen.

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