Lenzing Group to build world’s largest lyocell fibre plant in Thailand

December 26, 2019 written by

Lenzing Group, one of the leading manufacturers of cellulose based fibre are all set to build world’s largest lyocell fibre plant in Prachinburi, Thailand. The company plans to invest more than EUR 1bn in new production facilities for lyocell fibres and this plant in Thailand marks the first step towards their ambitious growth plan.

The plant will have a capacity of 100,000 tons and feature investments of approximately EUR 400 million. According to Stephen Doboczky, CEO of the Lenzing Group, TENCELTM lyocell fobres are considered a benchmark in ecologically responsible fibres. “This expansion underscores Lenzing’s commitment to improve the ecological footprint of the global textile industry,” he adds.

The company stated in the press release that Thailand has favourable trade agreements with the major Asian economic blocks. The selection of Industrial Park 304 in Prachinburi was based on its excellent overall infrastructure and the sustainable biogenic energy supply, which leads to low CO2 emissions to protect the climate. Over the coming years, Lenzing will further expand at the site in Thailand, which has space for several plants.

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