Lessons of Seduction for HIM AND HER BY Aubade

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Aubade has been making innuendos, stimulating the senses and titillating the public since 1992.

Unprecedented at the time of their launch, these extremely well-crafted black-and-white photos – designed like a faceless portrait gallery – invite onlookers to read between the lines with their elegant precepts. They instantly introduced a new way to see lingerie, its seduction and the pleasure that it offers women and their lucky men.

20 years after their launch, the “Lessons in Seduction” continue to leave an indelible mark on our minds.

Based on the changing society that they reflect, they act as symbols of an era, anchored forevermore in the collective unconscious. The very image of women is overturned by these new codes: now women have control, giving and taking as they wish, while men are happy to partake in this sweet game of seduction.

#Lesson 148. Master the Art of Seduction.


Most men are way too obvious. Become more enigmatic. Stir her interest by sending mixed signals. Master the art of insinuation.

#Lesson 149. Chivalry is king


Play by her rules and indulge her every whim. Chivalry is king. Adapting to her moods gives her nothing to defend or resist. Instead she will feel at home with you and lower her guard.

#Lesson 150. Less is More


Fire her desire and awaken her senses by combining nonchalance with a charged sexual presence. Lure her into lust, let her believe she is seducing you.

#Lesson 151. Women love our lingerie so do men


Men appreciate when you get gussied up for him in something short and lacy. Your man thinks you have a great body and he would love it if you showed it off to him. A little extra decoration does make for a more enticing experience.

#Lesson 152. Wear nothing but Aubade


Feeling great is the cornerstone of seduction. Give Aubade a  try and shop for something that makes you feel smoking  hot. Aubade is queen of all that is sexy but comfortable. It could be a major turn-on for both of you.

#Lesson 153. 


Break the Ice & Drive Him Wild

Play around in Aubade and you can tell she clearly desires you but is not willing to admit it, let alone act on it. She stands closer to you. She looks into your eyes. Overwhelm her with a bold move.

#Lesson 154. Attract something rare


Explore the power of being desired. Whatever your size Aubade highlights your best assets and hiding the rest in the most appealing manner. Build the sexual anticipation in him by putting on multiple layers of lingerie.


#Lesson 155. Lessons Learnt Well


Share your adventures together. Pay attention and listen to your partners every move. The most sexual organ is your brain. Sharing knowledge and your hearts desires is you giving them something without touching them.

#Lesson 156. Be its conquest of the west


Your lingerie here plays the power tool in aggravating your man’s lust for you. Your curves are seductive in nature but the desire intensifies when your man sees your lacy and sexy lingerie

#Lesson 157. The Swim Seduction 
lecon-157 (1)
Aubade swimwear says, “I’m outgoing and not afraid to try new things!.” A little sexy, a little classic, confident yet comfortable.

#Lesson 158.  Spice up your evening


Gift an Aubade boxer brief to your man or don a pair and give your girl a treat as Aubade will definitely remain the creator of accomplice seduction. It’s time to reveal the Bad Boy in you!

#Lesson 159. Complicating preliminaries


Popularized by her relationship with the humorist, the young woman is above all the models who shares her best pictures with her fans.

#Lesson 160. Whistle three times


Unlike teasing, taunting puts space between you and your partner—a space that he’ll want to close fast. Start to give him what he wants, then take it away to leave him wanting more.

#Lesson 161. Leading by boat and then by train


Model the things you want to buy, and watch him lose his mind when he can’t have you then and there.

#Lesson 162. Take him to the seventh heaven


Lacy is what makes your feminine beauty all the more attractive. They say the best way to win a  mans heart is through his stomach so plan to cook dinner in your lacy lingerie.

#Lesson 163. Ask him to be in high form.


We live in progressive times, Be the sexy dominatrix with Aubade. If you want to have fun and step into this traditional dominant role then find something tight-fitting with strong lines that makes you feel powerful and accentuates all of your best assets.

#Lesson 164. To be the Pirate of the fiancé


Mystery loves company. Most women are way too obvious. Become more enigmatic. Stir his interest by sending mixed signals. Master the art of insinuation.

#Lesson 165. Be his only mistress on board


Make him want only you. How do you do that? Love yourself first and be confident in your skin.

#Lesson 166. Yes oh Yes


Put on Aubade  while having a drink before heading to the bedroom, leave a few buttons of your shirt open so that he is lured by your sexy body covered in your innerwear.

#Lesson 167. Exceeding 100,000 likes


Whenever you try on new lingerie and he is not with you, simply take out your mobile phone and take a picture of your sexy self and send him fast.

#Lesson 168. Offer him a cure of libido-elements


Men would never like it better if they have a chance to live their wildest fantasies with someone they love. Pick lingerie that gives your curves a beautiful shape, just as desired by your partner.

#Lesson 169. Revive the Flame


Your a couple in crisis and you are looking for solutions? Here’s how you rekindle the flame.

Surprise him: Take seduction to a whole new level by experimenting. Reach home before he does and wait for him to arrive in nothing but some sexy lingerie once you answer the door, will take him by surprise and knock his socks off!

#Lesson 170. Plunge him into the dark


Consider the curve – Guys like cleavage. Push up bras are the answer for you.

#Lessons 171 The measure of loving is to love inordinately


Sometimes it pays to slow things down. Lingerie is a great way to let us slow things down, enjoy the view and slowly unwrap the evening.

#Lessons 172 Boost Your Seduction


Put on a V-neck that does not expose much of your breast. Your husband won’t notice this trick, but he can’t miss the highlighted contours around the edges of your breast. Let him see what he has been missing.

#Lessons 173 Overflowing love


When your man arrives home from a tiring day of work. Flaunt around in the house in Aubade lingerie and let him see what he has been missing.

#Lessons 174 Take the alternative route


Make some eye contact. You can pass a lot of messages with one simple look if you master this art of communicating

#Lesson 175 Turn him away from the right path


Give him a special gift that will keep him thinking about you all day long. You can give him a gift he can take along with him while going to work with instructions to think of how sexy you are whenever he uses it.

#Lesson 176 Master the Art of Seduction.


Take time- don’t be an eager beaver, don’t rush things and take it one step at a time. Patience is a virtue.

#Lesson 177 Spend the nighty together


Ensure you are always smelling nice. Wear that perfume he loves the most, and wear different night dresses on different days for variety.

#Lesson 178 Tell him your secret code


Anytime you purchase a new lingerie, try this lingerie in his presence and ask for his opinion about it. Sampling the lingerie you wish to buy will drive him nuts and make him look forward to having you as soon as you get home.

#Lesson 179 Provide him the instruction manual


Fewer things are going to execute the art of seduction more than making a woman feel special.  If you can pay attention to, notice and remember all the small things about her, she’s going to notice that and she will feel like she’s special to you.

#Lesson 180 Loosen Up


Most of us feel trapped within the limited roles that the world expects us to play. We are instantly attracted to those who are more fluid, more ambiguous, than we are those who create their own persona. With Aubade you will achieve a freedom of expression  you want for yourselves.

#Lesson 181 Play heads or tails


Tease him. One of the best tips you can ever get on how to seduce husband is to tease him with both, What he can have and what he can’t have!.

#Lesson 182 Initiate the art of embroidery


We all know that sexy lingerie is every man’s weakness so it’s time to take things up a notch. Why not surprise him on your anniversary or just any random night to spice things up a bit?! Surprise him by wearing all things lace and he won’t be able to take his eyes off you

#Lessons 183 Begin at the beginning  


Let him see what he has been missing. Keep parading up and down before him while getting dressed to go out. You can act like you do not know what you are doing.


The insider tips delivered by these faceless women who have built the reputation of the mythical lingerie brand are reconnecting with their original display format.

After 23 years, the lessons have not aged one bit, the silhouettes in black & white exalt the body and still stir the hearts of many.


This season, through the lens of Swiss photographer Stéphane Rappo, the poses are sensual and intriguing. The humour-laced lessons in seduction promise to tickle our minds to our absolute pleasure.


Tantalise your senses as we bring to you a five part saga of Aubade Lingerie: Lessons of seduction. Watch this space, subscribe to our magazine to see more.

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