Men’s Vests to rock this summer with confidence.

May 17, 2015 written by

Inner Vests and singlet’s need to make more appearances in men’s underwear drawers. Summer is the time of the year when you hit the beach to beat the heat or spend your day lazing around in front of the air conditioner. The right clothes for this particular season will ensure you enjoy it to the fullest and aren’t trapped in the heat of the season or make it an excuse for being lazy. Invest in light, soft fabrics and garments in summer and you are certain to make the best of the heat that comes with it a singlet is something every man should own at some point at rock with confidence. This is our list of the most attention-getting inner vests out there. Don’t bother deciding whether you want to be sporty or sexy, though. With all of these, you get a little bit of both. Or in some cases, lots of both. Inner vests are casual outfits that people love to wear at homes. Tight inner vests look like second skin to your body. Though this is not a party wear, inner vests are popular among people. They protect your body from scratches, injuries and maintain the body temperature. Men’s inner vests are available in different attractive colors and sizes that fit to men of different sizes. The dresses may vary in quality due to different types of fabric used. When the heat really kicks in, ditch the tee and go with an inner vest. It’s your new summer best friend – lightweight and low maintenance. Here are the looks we have received for the upcoming spring/summer 2015 season, and really this article stemmed from my own curiosity of what our audience thinks about the humble vest; an item that has seen its emphasis increasingly move from underwear to acceptable casual attire.

• Statement Prints/Graphics: The same rules apply to vests as your t-shirts. If you are utilising a bold colour, print, graphic or patterned vest, make sure you tone down the rest of your outfit so it is not competing for the attention.

• Don’t Forget To Accessorise: The vest is quite a small garment, so it can look quite ‘boring’ (for want of a better word) if you just pair a plain vest with shorts However, accessorising with other items such as necklaces/pendants, trilbies, sunglasses or bags can make the world of difference to the whole look. If in doubt, opt for accessories traditionally associated with the music festival scene.

• Take Attention Away From The Vest: A key principle you can use with most garments, if you don’t want your vest to stand out as much then pair it with other statement pieces. For example, bold coloured or patterned trousers will always draw attention to the bottom half of your outfit.

• Neutralise The Vest: Another key principle, you can neutralise a vest like you would a bold t-shirt. A cardigan, blazer or shirt layered over the top of the vest will compartmentalise it and make sure it is a subtle burst of colour/pattern, rather than a full on statement.

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