Menstrual underwear sales rise in France as period taboos‘crumble’

January 14, 2023 written by

Menstrual underwear sales rise in France as period taboos‘crumble’
New technology means period knickers and swimsuits are secure, comfortable and attractive – the market is booming
French women have been buying period underwear for the last five years, evidence of a buzzing new market that has recently emerged. Items include period knickers or swimsuits able to absorb blood thanks to a new technological patented invention.
They have proven to be more comfortable than pads and menstrual cups.

Period pants on the highstreet : Some 8% of French women bought period underwear in 2020, the equivalent of 10.8 million units sold, in a market that has increased 37-fold, and where products are now featured in supermarkets such as Monoprix or at Galeries Lafayette.

Many new companies now compete in the market with independent companies such as Réjeanne, Sisters Republic, Célisette or Perdième, and more established companies such as Etam have extended their product range to include menstrual underwear.

Successful crowdfunder reflected demand in France
Ms Morter and Rychner, former lawyers themselves, patented their knickers for their unique Oeko-tex® fabric that was capable of absorbing blood through multiple layers of cotton fibres.

They opened a crowdfunding page that collected €230,000 in just 45 days, closing sales with 3,500 clients who had ordered a total of 7,500 pairs of knickers

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