New sustainable label, Humans Being launched by Rita Ora

January 14, 2023 written by



Human Being, a sustainable activewear brand was introduced by singer, songwriter and actress, Rita Ora. She is also the Chief Creative Officer of the brand, which is geared at offering sustainable and stylish activewear options to fashion-forward thinkers, said a press release. It further stated that the brand provides a performance collection without compromising on style or sustainable living.

The celebrity is a UNICEF ambassador and has worked closelywith technicians in the fashion and sustainability space to curate this confluence of eco-conscious and luxury activewear crafted to be worn by the forward-thinking fashion consumer.

The range consists of 12 pieces in 6 different colours that are available exclusively on the Humans Being website. It is crafted to move ‘seamlessly’ from gym to street. The company said that ‘eco-conscious’ choices are a top priority for consumers, pureplay products described with sustainable keywords have grown from 13% of online products in 2019 to currently 37%.

Eco features include the pieces being made from sustainable and recyclable materials with a circular lifecycle, including Ynviron from Antex, recycled plastic bottles, and natural materials like organic cotton.

The brand has also partnered with Reskinned so that consumers’ end-of-life garments are “collected or posted in a local portal to be transformed into storied materials”. And in a link-up with the World Land Trust, a portion of every sale funds the purchase and protection of the rainforest.

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