Novozymes’ bio prep fusion helps save costs, water use

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Novozymes bio prep fusion helps to save costs water use

Denmark-based Novozymes has launched the Bio Prep Fusion concept.

This allows textile mills handling knit processing to increase productivity, while saving costs with reliable enzymatic scouring.
It also reduces the producer’s environmental footprint by saving 67 per cent water, 50 per cent energy, and 50 per cent time required for knit pre-treatment processing.


Novozymes, is a world leader in biological solutions for wet processing of textiles. Novozymes, founded in 2000, is the world leader in bio innovation. Its industrial enzymes, micro-organisms, bio-polymers and other proteins allow its customers to achieve more efficient use of raw materials, reduce energy consumption, replace traditional chemicals with more sustainable alternatives, and offer higher quality products.


The company sees a big opportunity in India and Southeast Asia, where knowledge-based innovations in the field of industrial enzymes can effectively replace polluting chemical processes and deliver environmental sustainability.

Novozymes is known for its Combi Polish technology. This saves time, energy and water during the dyeing process. Use of it is the fastest, gentlest and most sustainable way to perform textile bio polishing and bleach clean-up.


The readymade garment sector in countries like Bangladesh faces serious challenges like high water consumption and low energy efficiency. Novozymes’ product is a proven technology to address these challenges.


SkiinCore a knitted wearable tech launches self heating fabric

SKIINCore, a self-heating and wire-free wearable base layer for cold weather, launched recently on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise support for the next generation of wearable textile technology.


SKIINCore is knitted from a conductive yarn that is designed to hold 18 watts of heating power and last for up to eight hours. The ultra-thin wearable is designed to deliver heat to the areas you need it most. It is programmed with machine-learning to adapt to your optimal body heat based on your movement and the outside temperature. It can be worn for any occasion or activity, such as everyday wear or winter sports.


“We wanted to take the wires out of wearable technology and, living in Canada, we know what it’s like to deal with harsh cold weather. While developing a textile computing platform, the team discovered a way to transfer heat through the fibres of everyday fabrics,” said Hin Fan, SKIINCore’s Product Manager.


“The result is SKIINCore, a wire-free heated base layer that learns your optimal temperature the more you wear it.”SKIINCore features include a 100% wire-free soft technology – with knitted tech designed with the heating elements right in between the sweat-wicking synthetic inner layer and the heat-trapping wool outer layer.


Intelligent heat adapts to the wearer. When the temperature drops the base layer will automatically switch on and turn off if it senses the body is about to get too warm. It senses when the user is moving and learns to adapt to the user’s lifestyle the more it is worn


SKIINCore also has targeted heating, insulation and ventilation zones: Providing heat only to the areas on the body that are most sensitive to cold – the body’s core, hands, thighs, and feet – and avoiding those areas that tend to get sweaty like the chest and back.


The product features articulating joints: Ribbed on the outside and smooth on the inside, the design ensures the user stays comfortable with material that stays in place and never bunches. There are also charging port: The battery has a USB-C outlet so the wearer can charge their phone when they are on the go, even while its powering the base layer. The product is also 100% machine washable.




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