Pailung’s upgraded 4-way stretch revolutionises elastic fabrics

October 19, 2023 written by
Pauling -2

Taiwanese knitting machine manufacturer sets new standards for quality and sustainability.

Pailung, a Taiwanese knitting machine manufacturer, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing 4-way stretch fabrics in the textile industry.

They began researching 4-way stretch fabrics in 2015 to address issues like transparency when stretched. After significant research and optimization, Pailung introduced its upgraded 4-way stretch at the ITMA 2023 international textile convention.

The improved fabric boasts excellent appearance, texture, and overall quality. Pailung has significantly reduced barré defects, raised machine gauge to 44 for softer and thinner fabric, and improved the elastic recovery rate to over 150%.
They have also expanded design potential with color jacquard 4-way stretch, allowing intricate patterns and better color purity. This innovation extends to production processes,

including increased machine output capacity and programmable continuously variable transmission (PCVT) take-up systems, improving sustainability. 4-way stretch fabrics are now versatile and used in underwear, swimwear, sportswear, and fashion applications.Pauling -2 Pauling-1

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