Proposals to study the power loom sector schemes invited by the government

December 12, 2019 written by

To study and assess the performance of three schemes for growth and development of the decentralised power loom sector and identify existing gaps, the textiles ministry has invited proposals from evaluating agencies.

An expression of interest-cum-request for proposal to select an evaluating agency to assess the three schemes—PowerTex India, Converged Group Insurance, and Revised Comprehensive Powerloom Cluster Development Scheme, has been floated by the Office of Textile Commissioner, Mumbai. The schemes are in place till March 2020.

According to the Office of the Textile Commissioner, all these schemes are being implemented by the Office of Textile Commissioner, Mumbai and the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India. The Textile Commissioner’s office further states that an independent agency required the evaluation of these schemes for assessing the their performance with a view to enable the Ministry of Textiles, to formulate new schemes for harmonised growth and development of decentralised powerloom sector of the country.

These schemes for harmonised growth in terms of improvement in infrastructure facilities, to make available raw material (yarn) at reasonable price and insurance coverage for power loom workers, removing various bottlenecks of existing power loom clusters of the country, market development, upgradation of plain powerloom to tackle the lack of pre-loom/preparatory facility in powerloom clusters, were launched by the textile ministry.

The impact of the schemes with respect to the achievement of objectives and outcomes is supposed to be assessed by the selected agency.

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