Returnly commences eco-friendly return policy called Green Returns

October 5, 2019 written by

A post purchase solution provider, Returnly recently launched a returnless refund policy, which eliminates the negative environmental impacts of online selling and return process.

According to United States Postal Service, 20 to 35 per cent of online purchases are returned back and approximately 5 million of these returns end up in landfills polluting the environment. Even the process of taking back the returns to the warehouses is costly and has its own carbon footprint.

Through Returnly’s Green Returns, the customer who wishes to return the product will be refunded without being required to return the original item. Consumers will earn an immediate store credit at the place they bought the product and for the products purchased online, consumers will receive quick cash refunds to their account.

This policy benefits both the consumers as well as the retailers. Retailers may see sales benefit by offering immediate store credit and may also earn goodwill from taking the sustainable step and providing consumer perks, whereas the consumers who do not want to use the product can give the item to a friend or family or donate it to the needy.

According to Eduardo Vilar, CEO of Returnly, traditional return policies don’t give direct-to-consumer brands the flexibility or freedom needed to meet modern shoppers expectations. “We built Green Returns to help these mission-driven companies live out their values, putting the customer and the planet front and centre,” he added.

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