Rihanna resigns as the CEO of Savage Fenty

July 9, 2023 written by



Rihanna has made the decision to step down from her position as CEO of Savage X Fenty, the lingerie brand she founded five years ago. In a recent interview, the pop icon announced her departure, revealing that Hillary Super, the former global CEO of Anthropologie Group, will be taking over the role.

Reflecting on the brand’s journey, Rihanna expressed her gratitude for the impact Savage X Fenty has made in the industry. She stated, “It’s been beautiful to see our vision for Savage X Fenty influence the industry on such a grand scale over the past five years.” While stepping down as CEO, she emphasized that this is just the beginning for the brand and highlighted their ongoing commitment to connecting with consumers in new and meaningful ways.
Hillary Super, who will be assuming the role of CEO, expressed her excitement about joining the Savage X Fenty family.

She acknowledged the brand’s position as a major powerhouse in the lingerie and apparel industry and praised its dedication to celebrating inclusivity and fearlessness.

Rihanna’s decision to step down as CEO marks a significant moment for Savage X Fenty. The brand, known for its boundary-pushing designs and emphasis on inclusivity, has garnered widespread acclaim under Rihanna’s leadership. As it enters this new chapter with Hillary Super at the helm, the fashion world eagerly anticipates the continued growth and success of Savage X Fenty.Rihanna-2

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