Salon International de la Lingerie & Interfilière Paris 2019:  The overall picture

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Salon International de la lingerie

Within a challenging economic, political, societal, and climatic context, the Salon International de la Lingerie and Interfilière Paris concluded with results that were nevertheless encouraging, after three days of encounters and discussions around tomorrow’s trends. With a 10 per cent drop in buyer attendance, this edition still remains in sync with the realities of the global market, which is seeing an overall slowdown.

Given this atmosphere, key players in the industry were committed to energetically sharing their vision and presenting to French and international buyers their Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 collections for brands, and Summer 2020 collections for the supply side of the sector.

36 per cent France – 64 per cent International

Exhibitors appreciated the quality of the buyers they met, and the matchmaking initiatives organized throughout the duration of the show. Speed meetings, ‘ambassador’ cocktail events, a special welcome for international boutiques, personal shoppers…a substantial programme (inspiring talks, practical workshops) and expert content that makes these shows can’t-miss events!

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More influential in its industry than ever, Eurovet had chosen two mantras this year reflecting this new era for lingerie that is emerging: “Fall in love with yourself” and “The Art of details”.


On the Salon International de la Lingerie side


Driven by the body celebration and self-confidence movements, lingerie no longer reflects seductive allure hemmed in by a masculine gaze or the dictates of stereotyped fashion: a clear voice for body celebration, bodywear is clearly what this trend is all about!

Brands are fired up with ingenuity and are placing innovation at the core of their strategy, to meet the needs of multifaceted, demanding female consumers.

Nowadays, women are turning to lingerie as a true beauty product, to satisfy a need to see themselves as gorgeous. This new outlook infused the latest edition of the show and will certainly participate in the renewal of the market in the coming years.

Looking to feel good in their skin and about their body image, women are freeing themselves of clichés and are making this hybrid style their own, a fashion mood that is turning the industry upside-down. This is a fundamental trend reflected in the choices for Designer of the Year, the Chantelle Lingerie group for the Salon International de la Lingerie, and Penn Textile Solutions for Interfilière Paris.

On the Interfilière Paris side

Natural fibres

Neglected for years in favour of higher-perfor-mance synthetic fibres, natural fibres are back with a vengeance on the fashion and lingerie markets. The rise in environmental awareness and the growing importance of wellness and the protection of health are closely linked to a desire for more natural and healthier pro-ducts, and for comfortable materials that are theoretically less ‘toxic’.

In a desire to preserve our environment, ma-nufacturers and scientists from all horizons are now looking to develop natural alterna-tives, with an eye to a minimal environmental impact and to animal wellbeing.

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TOP 10 visiting countries at the Salon International de la Lingerie

1 France

2 Germany

3 Italy

4 Belgium

5 Russia

6 Spain

7 Netherlands

8 United Kingdom

9 Japan

10 United States

Due to the customised “Paris Moscow Express” programme, Eurovet has seen a major increase in Russian attendance

TOP 10 at Interfilière Paris

1    France

2    Italy

3    United Kingdom

4    Germany

5    Spain

6    United States

7    Belgium

8    Netherlands

9    Japan

10  Russia

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