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Candyskin innerwears

Shapers that enhance your figure

Innerwear today is moving beyond the basic bra, panties and camisoles to include a range of products and collections with different fabrics and functionalities for different target audiences.

And one such growing category is that of shapewear. Having more and more women experimenting newer styles with their varied body types and plus-size fashion becoming a common phenomenon, the shapewear category has grown in leaps and bounds due to a high demand.

Candyskin’s Smoothskin Collection is a collection of shapewear garments that shapes your bulges and makes your dream fits come true. Candyskin’s Smoothskin Collection is made with a special comfortable and breathable fabric with targeted compressing power zones allowing freedom of movement and flexibility. This results in a slim and trim look giving you a seamless and invisible feel under your clothes.

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It is available in various styles for you to cover your problem areas and flaunt every outfit with confidence:

High Waisted Power Panty: The high waisted power panties have a mega compression zone for a reduced waistline, targeting your love handles and muffin tops giving you a no-bulge feel. Crafted out of 84 per cent nylon, 14 per cent spandex and 2 per cent cotton, it is available in colours Nude and Black, in sizes M/L/XL and is priced at INR 899.

High Waisted Power Shorts: The high waisted power shorts have a mega compression zone for firm thighs and reduced waistline giving you a no bulge, no friction feel. These shorts are made with seamless slick yarns, giving you ultimate satisfaction by keeping your thighs and butt firm. Made out of 87 per cent nylon, 11 per cent spandex and 2 per cent cotton, it is priced at INR 999 and available in Nude and Black colours and sizes S/M/L/XL.

Body-Shaping Power Camisole: Candyskin’s body-shaping power camisoles have a mega compression zone for the tummy, waistline and back. These camisoles help in giving a slimming look while shaping your body. The engineered shaping panel provides you a non-suffocating feel while also fitting you like a second skin. Crafted out of 88 per cent nylon and 12 per cent spandex these are invisible under your clothes and can be worn as inner or outerwear. Available in sizes S/M/L/XL, in colours White, Nude and Black, this camisole is priced at INR 999.

High Power Tummy Tucker: These high power tummy tuckers have a mega compression zone for a sexy flat stomach feel. Providing you a squeeze-free slimming satisfaction it targets your love handles. These anti-rolling tummy tuckers give you a no bulge and smooth seamless fit. Made out of 86 per cent nylon and 14 per cent spandex, it is available in Champagne and Black colours, in M/L/XL and comes at INR 999.

Daily-Wear Power Panty: These daily-wear power panties have a mega compression zone for your love handles and muffin top. Giving you a non-bulging lower stomach, they provide you with comfort and control all day. Avialble in Nude and Black colours, in sizes Nude and Black and crafted out of 90 per cent nylon and 10 per cent spandex, they come for INR 899 each.

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