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Adorna Shapewear

Acquiring that perfectly shaped figure in minutes is not as time consuming as was a few years ago. With a plethora of shapewear in the market, it’s as easy as breathing. However, different occasions call for different types of shapewear and there are few brands that cater to this growing demand. What’s more, fewer are available online in this category. offers the best of shapewear and an interesting range that promises to cater to your every need…and all from the comfort of your home. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Everything in shapewear

From a tummy shaper to a waist cincher, to a lower body shaper, to a full body slimmer and suit, the label Adorna, by SHK Brands Pvt. Ltd., has it all. Says, Mr Ashish Agarwal, Director, while explaining about the brand says, “Myadorna is an exclusive e-commerce store for Adorna branded products, which are into shapewear right now; the website was launched in the year 2015 along with the brand itself. It is a one-stop shop where any customer could come and browse all the shapewear products, learn more about it, talk about it, interact with us, and even purchase these products from our website.”

The first ones to introduce cotton-based shapewear in India at affordable prices, the brand takes note of the country’s weather conditions and the need for skin-friendly inner wear. The brand’s philosophy has been to enable the customers and end-users to find the right product for themselves and to be able to easily get whatever they need.

MR ASHISH AGARWAL - Director - SHK Brands Pvt. ltd. Now Online -Adorna - 1

The website

Mr Agarwal states, “You can see the categorisation of our products on our website and the filters based on colours, etc. Also, when you go to a particular product page, the size chart is very clear. So, the main intention was to help the consumer to get to their desired product as soon as possible with minimum effort and find the right product also.” Elaborating on the design of the website he adds that they wanted to keep it very clear and very light. “We did not want to overwhelm the consumer with a lot of content and dark colours on it. We intended to make it a very friendly website for the customer. If you see the page, it looks like a very light page that loads very easily and quickly. You can easily navigate, apply some filters on the products,” opines Mr Agarwal.

The background of the website has been kept white on purpose as every product gets focused so the customer gets to understand the product in a much better way. “This way, the images are more responsive to the customers. If very dark or loud colours are used it doesn’t look good; it looks like a very heavy website. Which is why we’ve tried to keep it very light, the background is very light, is easy to browse, is very user-friendly, is very soothing to the eyes, and doesn’t put high pressure on the eyes. If you see any dark page, for e.g., a black page, then it would’ve been very harsh on your eyes,” Mr Agarwal further explains the colour scheme.

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Surely, their website has all their products on offer neatly segregated into broad categories—body suits, hip shapers, tummy tuckers, upper body shapers, and waist cinchers. The homepage has a short welcome note and an assortment of the products chosen by the brand are showcased under Be Curvilicious, For the love of your dresses, #BeSexy Collection.

Besides, all the featured products with the image of a model donning it are displayed as well and the price of the product is mentioned below each image. Right at the end of the page, there’s the address of the company, an option to message them and their contact number. Then there’s a ‘footer menu’ with all the necessary information such as the shipping and delivery policy, refund policy, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and disclaimer. There’s also the option to sign up for their newsletter besides, their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages mentioned below as well.

Now Online -Adorna - 3

Clicking on the Body Suits category opens up the respective page with images of models wearing the products. All the categories are listed to the left of the screen; then there is a category of colours with the colours available mentioned and below that is the category for the sizes. The body suits are available in S to 3XL sizes. There’s another category of ‘prices’ below the category of ‘sizes’ and you can click on the relevant box of the price range you are looking for in that particular product. You can even see the tweets below the category of prices that brand puts up regularly. You can choose to sort by prices, name, old to new, random, and best selling just below the image. Also, the number of products available in that segment, for e.g., Body Suits is also mentioned below. The images of the product range are also displayed below with the price for each mentioned below the picture. Also, clicking on the image gives you full details about the product and you can even enhance the view to get a better idea of the product. Here too, the price is mentioned and you can choose the colour of the shapewear. You can choose your size from the ones mentioned as well. It is further simplified as the inches are mentioned in brackets against each size.


The price range for bodysuits price range is from INR 1165 to 1745 and the styles range from body bracers, to body slimmer panty, and the colours available are skin and black.


Clicking on each category takes you to its entire range giving you all the information you need. So, it is quite easy and simple to navigate the website and look up what you need. The site is not at all busy and everything is displayed clearly.

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Promotions and benefits

Adorna also has some benefits for its customers who shop online for their products on their website. “We run deals from time to time, and customers do get a benefit; we launch certain coupons, so customers could avail of those offers,” says Mr Agarwal.

Also, the brand gets to interact with its customers very easily as their phone numbers are registered with the company and in turn customers also have the Adorna’s contact. “So, whatever problems they face they can directly call us, fill the form and they can get a response on an immediate basis. So, the help is readily available on our website. There are times, when the size ordered is different, and we understand that this happens in this kind of market. And since they are our direct customers, we usually ship them their desired product and the replacement process becomes very easy because we know, when was it delivered and ordered and how much it would’ve been used,” adds Mr Agarwal.


Yet, no matter how many deals a brand runs, or no matter how user-friendly a website is, in this age of social networking and virtual reality, it’s equally important to promote the brand and its portal on social media. Adorna too is not behind in doing this. According to Mr Agarwal, If our customer knows about Adorna, they know about our website because on all our marketing material, on all our packaging boxes, our website is printed. Also, if you Google for these products, our products show up in the search; while schemes and offers get promoted on Facebook  and other channels as well.


As for the response by customers, Mr Agarwal says it’s good and they are able to understand what they need and are signing up for their newsletters and the brand is receiving a lot of appreciation as well.


Wrapping up Mr Agarwal states, “A customer is free to come to our website and easily identify their desired product because Adorna has a such a wide variety of shapewear that it is 99 per cent sure that they will find the right product for themselves. And having that particular product is one thing and searching for it is another thing. So, we really simplify that process for the consumers.”

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Hip-up – Price – INR 1095; Colours – Skin and black

Hip to Thigh Shaper – Price – INR 1255; Colours – Skin and black




Tummy Tucker – Price – INR 545; Colours – Skin and black

Tummy Tucker Panty – Price – INR 575; Colours – Skin and black

Tummy Tucker Panty-Snap – Price INR 605; Colours – Skin and black

Tummy Tucker Shorts – Price INR 655; Colours – Skin and black




Bust Up – Price – INR 495; Colours – Skin and black

Camisole – Price – INR 1085; Colours – Skin and black




Low Waist Shaper – Price – INR 1095; Colours – Skin and black

High Waist Shaper – Price – INR 1205; Colours – Skin and black

Low Waist Panty-Snap – Price – INR 555; Colours – Skin and black

High Waist Panty-Snap – Price INR 1155; Colours – Skin and black

Low Waist Panty – Price – INR 525; Colours – Skin

High Waist Panty – Price – INR 1105; Colours – Skin and black

High Waist Brief – Price 1145; Colours – Skin and black

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