Seafolly combines swimwear management with intelligence

May 24, 2019 written by

To improve inventory management with RFID technology and to increase visibility in the supply chain using magic mirrors and readers from Solos, Australian swimwear brand Seafolly recently completed a three-month pilot of radio frequency identification technology.

This would help provide personalised content in fitting rooms and automatically track inventory and Seafolly is mulling on deploying this technology in 71 stores across the world. it is scheduled to be completed in November, assuming the deploying proceeds. To begin with, cloud-based software to manage read data and the deployment of RFID readers would be restricted to inventory tracking, while fitting room technology will come in later. Solos supplies the passive UHF RFID system as well as magic mirrors and overhead readers.

Seafolly combines swimwear management with intelligence - 2

Brand Seafolly sells beachwear, swimwear and accessories for girls and women and the retailer has stores in Australia and even in Singapore and United States. It produces over 2 million items of clothing every year.

George Monemvasitis, Solos’s CEO stated that as their technology was the first in the Australian retail market, they had offered the company a 90-day pilot to show their claims of 98 to 99 per cent of inventory accuracy.

Besides, the pilot showed that the company’s ERP and point-of-sale (POS) software could be integrated thus eliminating the requirement for manual stock counting.

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