Simone Perele Paris A/W 2017 Collection

September 27, 2017 written by
Simone paris A/W 2017 Collection

Paris A/w’17 Collection by Simone

Be yourself. Love beautiful things. Be feminine. Have a taste for fine details. Feel appealing. Keep your mystery alive. Be inspired. Play with your image. Reinvent your classics. Create a difference. Cultivate the art of seduction. Have fun. Be bold. Challenge yourself. Create your own luck. Try the impossible. Mock conventions. Astonish. Decide. Explore the unknown. Live intensely. Liberate your body. Free your mind. Be a modern-day woman… The many facets of a woman’s signature touch.


The Flirt- Flirt, an encounter between fantasy, geometric tulle and floral lace bands. Playful satin strips weave the two fabrics together: webbing and lacing structure the silhouette and add a touch of mischief to this line.

The Parisian Spirit- The Parisian woman is like any other, with an extra, irresistible touch of “je-ne-sais-quoi”. She takes just a little inspiration from fashion trends to create a unique and decidedly elegant personal style. If they wish, all women can be a Parisian. You just have to love Paris and permeate its essence. Explore the streets of Paris and its sacred temples of shopping in this new, very fashionable collection: Flirt, Bohème, Kiss, Haute Couture and Nocturne.

Boheme: The spirit of the times-Whether in plain or delicately enhanced print, the crepe reveals a chic bohemian embroidery. Subtle colour shading mixes with vaporous materials. The transparency and grain of the crepe veils and unveils your femininity in a game of seduction.

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