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candyskin breast cancer awareness campaign India’s youngest online lingerie destination. Every great brand starts with passionate, visionary CEO’s like these founder sisters, Richa and Riya Kalra. They have revolutionised the lingerie industry with their innate style and panache. Today their online store has a following of over 5,00,000 women across India. Their remarkable garments highlight the importance of pushing boundaries through cultural exchange and emphasise the fact that spending time in unfamiliar settings is vital for creative development.

Once upon a time it was all a dream! I came back to India with the thought I will do something insane and I wanted to start with lingerie. There was nothing in my mind but to start a kick ass gorgeous high street brand.

Candyskin was born to give the ladies a breathtaking experience. They found that the Indian lingerie market was sorely lacking a product for women like themselves: Cool, fashion-savvy women who aren’t looking for boring basics but also aren’t looking to splurge on luxury lingerie but can obtain the same fit, look and feel.

How We Started :

They wanted to give birth to the fabulous X-factor feeling and experience that was always missing.


“Once upon a time it was all a dream! I came back to India with the thought I will do something insane and I wanted to start with lingerie. Candyskin was just in my thoughts, it took me a while to turn this into reality.  There was nothing in my mind but to start a kick ass gorgeous high street brand. To bring my beautiful endless shopping experiences from abroad to my homeland for all my fellow girlfriends was my mission. Currently I am trying to create the dreamland I have in my thoughts. Starting EBOS will fulfil it.” Says, RichaKalra.

Riya Kalra believes, “There´s nothing more beautiful than a woman to feel comfortable in her own skin. We possess the most unique styles which are created with our exquisite tastes following international trends and forecasts to cater to the Indian market. Our latest innerwear collection focuses on the padded non-wired bras which is part of our “Fall winter collection.” We are working on a whole range of basics and our collection is called “candybae”.

Candy Skin is a fun lingerie brand for the decidedly fashionable, bringing International style and attitude to girls all over India.

Embracing their ‘Fresh Juicy’ designs discover the couture in every day, and delivers an element of surprise in all of its designs. Candyskin’s main aim was to design it in a way that it would be comfortable whilst still being supportive. You don’t have to compromise, no matter what style of outfit you are choosing to wear as it goes with any clothing. And don’t worry about the support   – their non-wired bras still offer you all the support you need and the coverage , thanks to great designs and padding.


Their collections scream deliciousness out loud which makes women come to life, and help them fuel that confidence, grace, and elegance within themselves. 

About Their Collection :

They make this possible by motivating their Candyskin girls  to be the best version of themselves, i.e. To Be You, Be Delicious! Candyskin works with a variety of vibrant and pop colours that makes the brand stand out. They also do a lot of exclusive, unseen, jaw dropping eye-catching colour combinations. Their collection is quite an eye-candy which comes in various sexy styles, it’s crafted to fit every body-type.


The products range starts between Rs. 500- Rs. 1599 and Candy Skin try and cater to every possible size. From 32A to 42E.

This new collection is said to be launching and available by December. They are currently available in 50 premium MBOS and 13 portals.

The sisters are also planning on working with new projects in the next two years. They aim to cover Athleisure wear, sportswear and swimwear in near future.

For the moment they are definitely getting started with these two categories-

  • Maternity wear: They intend to design cool and fashionable maternity wear to ease the struggle with your regular bras, where you can comfortably feed your little one with your feeding bra collection that’s specially made for young moms! It’s got a great taste and vibe to it. Its beyond basic. It’s simply delicious.
  • Sportswear: Modern, chic and trustworthy sportswear is also one of the categories they want to explore which will cater to different body types and workout intensities, in addition to being functional whilst being fashionable.


Riya Karla says, “We are working with couple of fabrics this season.  Microfibre, nylon spandex, Cotton spandex, Modal, Lace, and  Polyester spandex, Regardless, we are doing some insane innovations.”

For spring summer 2019 Candyskinare working on a cooling fabric which is light and doesn’t make one perspire. They are trying to work on an international look and feel, with comfort and fit, undoubtedly.  They are making these beautiful padded non wired bralettes. Which are unique in its own manner and can be worn as bustiers and crop tops as it is.  They are also working on strapless bras that also go backless. It’s one of their latest inventions.


Riya Karla says, “My personal favourite is my candybae collection, coz we have all kinds of bra styles in nude black and white, let it be padded non wired or Tshirt or a cross back or even a strapless.”

 “Pretty lingerie makes it all better. There’s nothing better than having a matching coordinate with a bra. And Omg! There is nothing more important than a good looking popping comfortable lingerie.

Comfort is the key though, and when that comes with my fav colors it kinda makes my day.  Lingerie plays a big role in how one carries themselves. Great lingerie can uplift a person’smood, it can boost great confidence in a woman. It can make her feel delicious. And feeling good about yourself is such a win-win.  Everyone deserves to feel amazing about themselves.” comments, Richa Karla. 

We spoke to sisters Richa Karla and Riya Karla, ahead of the showcase of her new collection to find out more.

How do you think age plays into it? Do you think lingerie is for any age?

“Not at all,  Lingerie is for all ages. Why grow old when sexy isn’t a shape, its an attitude.  Ever since we launched we have had many customers come in for our fitting room session, who are even 60+ and still end up buying candylicious delicious colors, making statements like  “I see no good reason to act my age”  and tell you what I love it, they inspire me to stay young forever.”

And how is it working with your sister. you’ve designed with her for a long time, but what is the process like?

 “Its been a lot of quarrels with genuine feedbacks. Its been absolutely lovely. We have made great progress together. We have bonded in many ways. we are two different people. I always want to believe it will work out and Riya always want to know it will. No matter what we do, we appreciate each other so much we are such a perfect combination, touchwood, I’m blessed to have her as my business partner.”

How important was it to you to have the garments made locally?

“Very important, to save up on import duties and stuff but unfortunately we haven’t figured a set up in India yet, however we are working on it. We want to make our bridal collection and lacy intimate here in India, as we are doing an embellished line. India has great craftsmanship. If I could and possibly will, I would do a lot of manufacturing here.”

How has this entire journey been for you?

“It’s been fantastic.  I absolutely have been loving it. Everyone really treats us so well in this industry. I have found immense respect for everyone who works in the inner wear space. I have worked in many categories prior to this and this by far has been one of the toughest and most complicated segments ever. It’s challenging and there is nothing better than a challenge, my life is suddenly very interesting.”

What is your dream for Candy Skin as a brand?

“To make it a Global brand. We are very experimental and courageous as a brand and as a company. We are definitely ready to explore new markets, even for now for eg. Candyskin is a super new concept and brand, we are trying to sell everything that’s not just a basic beige or black bra, we are pushing for people to buy coordinates but offering more than 6 types of panties with every bra, so it’s kind of a new market we are exploring, we are finding space and trying to make a name in a very unorganised market with such different brand ideology and products. But definitely exploring more than just lingerie.

We are going to tap into a lot of segments in the coming future. The next 2-3 years we want to capture a substantial amount of market capital in the lingerie market, in India and Internationally. We can’t exactly give you our projection figure but we will have to wait and watch what the women can do for women. No matter how great our talent or effort would be, Good things take time, we are working hard and being patient and soon our work will be appreciated and recognised. We believe and have faith in Candyskin.”

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Lingerie plays a big role in how one carries themselves. Great lingerie can uplift a person’smood, it can boost great confidence in a woman. It can make her feel delicious. And feeling good about yourself is such a win-win.

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