Teijin Frontier introduces new fabric for sports and outdoor activities

January 28, 2020 written by
Teijin Frontier introduces new fabric for sports and outdoor activities

Japanese textile manufacturing firm Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd recently introduced a lightweight, tear-resistant, flat-surfaced fabric that is soft, eco-friendly and abrasion resistant which makes it ideal for sports and active wear.

The company will promote this new fabric as a key product for SS20 sports and outdoor collections targeting maximum sales for wide range of applications such as sports and outdoor wear, fashionwear, school and corporate uniforms, etc.

There has been a significant increase in demand for sports apparel that combines functionality with new appearances and textures with the arrival of diverse fashion styles in terms of sports and outdoors. Current fabrics have various problems in terms of hard textures, uneven surfaces which sometimes results in snagging and low abrasion resistance.

In response to the above problems, Teijin Frontier used a thin, high tenacity polyester yarn and applied innovative yarn arrangement and weaving density to produce lightweight and highly tear-resistant fabric which proves to be ideal for sports and outdoor wear with its flat even surface, soft texture and high abrasion resistance.

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